Business Rules Resources

I suppose everyone needs a link post -- how else to cross-pollinate all of the useful BRE resources out there? So here, in no particular order, is my contribution to spreading the news:

  • The Java Business Rules Community - Periodic announcements, links, and other materials of interest to BRE practitioners, especially those dealing with Java. Has turned into a bit of a press release haven of late.
  • The Road Hits the Rubber - Peter Lin, the developer of the Sumatra rule engine, blogs relentlessly on BRE's, takes on sacred cows and explains complicated topics.
  • - Web site of Business Rules Journal, a publication focused on explaining Business Rules and promoting the adoption Business Rule systems. Decent articles articles and resources, but maybe not as interesting for the technical practitioner. Requires free registration to access resources.
  • Business Rules Group - "A non-commercial peer group of IT professionals...", two white papers, links to BR companies and event announcements.
  • Down to Earth Business Rules - The Artemis Alliance, Inc.'s eminently readable blog. Based on the experience of practitioners, some sample topics include "Pitfalls and Lessons Learned of Business Rules Implementation - A Business Analyst Perspective Perspective," "Decision Tables and Trees," and "BEST PRACTICE." Well worth a read, though I wish they would publish more often.
  • Enterprise Decision Management - James Taylor blogs on Enterprise Decision Management (EDM), an area that includes BRE's. (Just think of all the mistakes you could have avoided if you'd had an EDM tool instead of a simple Pro vs Con legal pad.) Yes, he works for Fair Isaac and some of his posts talk about their products, but his blog is much more than a marketing vehicle. Well worth a read.
  • bizrules - Yahoo group. Really has ground to a halt. I wonder if this is because all of the participants are busy working on client engagements? Still, some of the old discussions are worth reading.
  • JBoss Rules - New site for the old Drools, the Open Source Java RETE engine. Somehow the Drools.NET seems to have disappeared, but the Wiki, documentation and so on make this a great place to experiment with a commercial-quality RETE-based BRE.
  • Jeffrey Schlimmer's Blog at Pluralsight - A newcomer to the world of BRE blogs, he gives some good comment nonetheless.
  • NxBRE - Not RETE is what everyone says. But if you want to experiment with an Open Source BRE for .NET, this is the only one for now.
  • - the popular Java blogs list of Java Open Source BRE's. This is always my starting point when I look for anything Java and Open Source.
  • Bizrules - Rolando Hernandez, a consultant for Miami, shares his thoughts on Business Rules. I don't always agree with him, but I find his posts well thought out and engaging.
  • Squidoo Business Rules - A big list of resources, much more exhaustive than my own and much better organized.

If I've left any out, feel free to leave them in the comments.