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October 2007

Dying to see the new Gmail's back-button support in action

Even though it's on a slow rollout and has reached only a handful of users, Gmail's new UI has already earned tons of coverage. The new Gmail boasts a fast new JavaScript architecture, an improved contact manager and a host...
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Aptana 1.0 Released

Since Aptana, the slick IDE/Eclipse plugin came on the scene in 2006, it has been making steady progress, adding new features on an almost weekly basis. Now they have finally released 1.0. What's new in 1.0? CSS Preview HTML, CSS,...
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Really Simple History 0.6 countdown: Bug fixes, SVN repo, mailing list, downloads, more

Lots more news on Really Simple History, the open-source Ajax bookmarking library I'm now spearheading: SVN - RHS now has a Subversion repository. The version trail starts with the 0.6 beta. Since its release, I've been committing bug fixes and...
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Ajax Intervention: Comcast.com

Welcome to Ajax Intervention, in which we dissect how major websites misuse, or fail to use, Ajax to improve their user experience. Up this time: Comcast.com, which, despite an extremely "Web 2.0" look and feel, misses the mark with its...
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Joel Spolsky and the Perils of Reasoning by Historical Analogy

Reasoning by historical analogy can be dangerous, especially if such reasoning is untempered by recognition that no two historical events are identical and that the future is more than a linear extension of the past. The instructiveness of historical events...
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DOM methods, document.write and the art of library design

So I ended up doing some last-minute fiddling with the Really Simple History 0.6 beta before posting it for testing over at Google Code. Matt Snider pointed me to a potential SSL problem with using DOM methods rather than document.write...
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Coming soon: Really Simple History 0.6 beta

Late tonight over at Google Code, I'll be posting a beta of Really Simple History 0.6 for testing. The goal is to elicit help from RSH users in chasing down any bugs I've failed to catch, then push out a...
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Project Flow

There are a lot of nice things about Agile Development from a BA perspective. The one I like most is one of the corollaries that stem from the Agile Manifesto's decree that Agile Teams are self organizing. Since I'm a...
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Echo3 Update: SVN, Wiki, Forms, Builds

Echo3 is showing a few more signs of life. Since my update last month on some early details of Echo3, the pace has picked up. No alpha release, but already there are two forums, one especially for folks looking to...
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Afraid of LIE (LazyInitializationException)… Don't Be.

All the fuss around LIE reminds me of my days when I was scared of NPE (NullPointerException). No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't write code that couldn't run into NPE. Slowly, I learnt that it is not...
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