ZK on Android

I'm glad that my Comp Sci classes were taught differently from my Art History courses, otherwise all I would remember is the hum of the slide projector and the taste of sleep in my mouth. Instead I remember the Bridge Pattern and the wonderful things it can do for you. Specifically, you can decouple an abstract component GUI from it's concrete implementation (see AWT). This makes the task of retargeting the GUI framework to a new platform comparatively quick and easy.

Now server-side Ajax frameworks (Echo2, ZK, etc.) have been using the Bridge Pattern for a while, but with the exception of OpenLaszlo (Flash and Ajax) and WidgetServer (Ajax, Swing Applet, Swing Desktop), they only target the browser, i.e. one platform.

Now ZK Mobile, an extension of the ZK Framework for mobile devices, is showing the power of the Bridge Pattern in the mobile world. On 11/12/2007 Google released the Andriod SDK and two days later, on 11/14/2007, the ZK team released an extension to ZK Mobile that allows you to run your ZK apps on Android. How is that for quick turnaround? Good design can be good for you and good to you.

The ZK "smalltalk" demos a simple Twitter application for the Android SDK.

Amazing how little work is necessary to get this app on a mobile phone.

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