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July 2008

LINQ to My Domain

I’ve begun my foray into the world of LINQ, and in my investigation I’ve seen a lot of work based on the LINQ to SQL “design surface” available in Visual Studio 2008. It’s a neat tool. I point it to my database, drag some tables over, and it infers my domain structure and relationships from the databases fields and keys. That’s all well and good for a simple domain model that is di
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Restlet Ported to GWT

If you want to communicate with the server in GWT, you have GWT-RPC and you have JSON (and in fact a few different flavors of JSON). If, however, you pine for the elegance of a RESTful interface, you’ve had to roll your own. Now the folks at the Restlet project have ported the Restlet API to GWT. Thanks to the support for generics in GWT 1.5 RC1, we were able to achieve this port with reduced efforts and limite
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Getting Started with Facebooker

Developing for the Facebook platform can be a big headache, and on Rails your headaches are unfortunately compounded from the get-go. While the otherwise-inferior PHP users get an API library from the Facebook development team (I’m kidding, I love you PHP guys), on Rails we have to deal with gems that aren’t even at version 1.0 yet. While Facebooker is quite good at this point, its documentation covers a
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Book review: "JavaScript: The Good Parts" by Crockford

I heart David Flanagan. I’m making my way through “The Ruby Programming Language” this summer. Its exhaustiveness really satisfies. But a decade ago, my programming Bible was Flanagan’s “JavaScript: The Definitive Guide”. As I transitioned from a career in content to a career in code, “the Rhino book” taught me everything I needed to know about object-oriented JavaScrip
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ADO.NET Entity Framework

ADO.NET Entity Framework is an object relationship mapping (ORM) tool. It was designed to provide a layer of abstraction between the logical schema and concept schema of an application, and to decrease the amount code need for a data centric application. Some benefits of the Entity framework: Data storage engine and schema independence: Due to the layer of abstraction between the logical and conceptual schema of your
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Google Calendar: Finally, a search box that makes sense

I’ve been complaining for months about a usability problem with Google Calendar’s default search behavior, so I figure I should document that it’s finally been fixed. Ever since gCal introduced the concept of public calendars, hitting “enter” in the global search box has kicked off a trawl through the public-calendar database. Instead of searching MY OWN calendar for, say, my Aunt Donna&
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Project Website Part 4: Drag and Drop in jQuery

Drag and drop is like those Nutty Bars snack things. Allow me to explain. I like Nutty Bars. But I never expect to like them. They are kind of funny looking, for one thing, what with that weird criss-cross pattern on the top, and the chocolate never quite covering the wafers. But when I get past that and actually eat one, it’s actually kind of tasty. Which brings me to drag and drop. Which I always expect is go
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The App Store, iPhone, and You

Kind of an interesting day in iPhone development land. Among the stories that crossed in front of my eyeballs today, The first popular application to get bounced from the App Store for cause. (The game Aurora Feint could send your contact list out over the Internet in plain text. This appears to have been more in the line of an overenthusiastic developer error than a malicious ever overlord, so hopefully they’l
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Multiple Column Sorting with Drag and Drop using Scriptaculous

The other day I wanted to do drag and drop between multiple columns using scriptaculous. Allowing this behavior is extremely simple, but out of the box the interaction feels clunky. Here, we’ll be going through an example of how to do multi-column drag and drop with scriptaculous. Enabling multi-column drag and drop just involves setting a single option, but without setting a few other options the dragging will
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Five jQuery plugins that are a joy to use

Yesterday I discussed how to separate the jQuery plugin wheat from the chaff. Today, I offer a completely subjective and biased list of jQuery plugins to know and love.
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