jQuery goodness with ASP .NET


This piece of news has brought about great cheer in the Web Developers community. jQuery has been fast gaining reputation in the world of web-development as a light-weight, flexible and easy-to-use Javascript library. Integration of jQuery with Microsoft's development platform should provide web developers with new capabilities and opportunities.

This is very smart move by Microsoft given the fact they have always hesitated to incorporate open-source technologies into their products. It is planning to ship jQuery with the ASP .NET MVC very soon. Integration with Visual Studio is something that is going to happen later. There are plans to enable intellisense support for jQuery in Visual Studio which would be really cool I think.

Some of the high-points of jQuery integration with ASP .NET could be :

  • JQuery provides an attractive alternative to conventional Javascript making client-side DOM and HTML manipulation much easier and quicker.
  • It could complement ASP .NET Ajax and play with it really well
  • The original jQuery libraries are going to be ported into ASP .NET without any change which would enable developers to leverage jQuery's true potential

image-source : www.webmonkey.com

I have posted a few links below that discuss more about what the MS-jQuery marriage means for the web development community and how it can make life easier for developers out there.