September 2009

Does your project have Code Ownership Culture?

Code Ownership is a well known term in software development. Depending on how you define it, it may be a good thing or bad. When a developer sees code-ownership as him/her owning a piece of codebase that only he/she understands enough to make changes, it is generally a bad thing. It is only when everybody is free to modify the code with a sense of responsibility that he/she should leave the code cleaner than how they
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acts_without_database: Now a Rails Plugin

Quite a while ago, I wrote a blog post which included some code which allowed you to use ActiveRecord without needing a database table. I recently needed that functionality again, so I converted that code into a plugin and put it on github so that I could easily include it in another project. While doing this, I also cleaned up and simplified the code quite a bit. The github page is here:
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Agile 2009: A reminder of why each team needs leadership

Last week I presented at Agile 2009 a workshop for those new to Agile entitled: The Agile Game: An Experiential Workshop. I love this workshop because it allows those new to Agile to experience the rhythm of an agile project in action and learn first hand many of the practices in a non-threatening, non-technical, and fun way. I have used this workshop for clients a number of times and it works. The feedback from this
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