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The Connected Care Opportunity

Healthcare economic models are shifting from fee-for-service to value based care while mobile and cloud computing, wireless sensors and devices are becoming ubiquitous. These trends create tremendous opportunities for market leaders and new entrants alike to create connected care systems that reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Unfortunately, traditional medical product development methods are too slow and too brittle to meet the challenges of increased complexity, rapid change and significant risk.


We believe there is a better way to build medical systems: It’s not a question of quality or speed, but of quality at speed. We've brought together a talented, diverse team with deep experience in medical devices and quality engineering, consumer electronics, software-as-service and mobile computing. Together we've developed a methodology designed for the complex challenges of connected care systems:



At Pathfinder, we believe a relentless focus on designing for people is essential to product success. That means developing a deep understanding of patients, clinicians and other stakeholders, and rapidly prototyping solutions and gathering feedback. It also means incorporating human factors into risk analysis and mitigation, and creating deliverables that accelerate agile development.

Systems Approach

Connected care systems include many components: devices, sensors, diagnostics, mobile and Web applications, cloud-based services and clinical system integration. We take a whole systems approach to designing solutions, from the user experience and patient journeys to modular architecture and early emphasis on interface controls and end-to-end systems testing. That's how we tame complexity.


Agile development methodologies are preferred in most industries because they adapt to change and uncertainty, while avoiding wasted time and effort. Pathfinder's agile approach is adapted to development under FDA quality systems regulations, incorporating risk management, requirements traceability, verification and validation into a streamlined process for accelerating the development of medical devices and software.


Automation is the key to achieving and maintaining velocity over time. Pathfinder employs state-of-the-art requirements management and testing tools to automate traceability, verification and validation. We build testing frameworks for system testing, including black box and white box testing of hardware and software, which dramatically decrease development time, manufacturing and maintenance.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings deep experience and perspective from multiple industries to bear on the challenges of connected care systems, from enterprise software, aerospace and medical devices, to consumer electronics and mobility.

Bernhard Kappe
Chief Executive Officer
Bernhard is an expert in lean innovation and the application of agile methods in regulated industries. He is the author of the eBook Agile in an FDA Regulated Environment and a frequent conference speaker on wireless medical devices and mHealth. He works with Pathfinder clients on connected care strategy and at the application of lean and agile methods.
Dietrich Kappe
Chief Technology Officer
Dietrich is a founder and the CTO of Pathfinder Software, where he combines user experience design and agile methods to speed software product development. Dietrich published one of the first 100 public Web sites and launched one of the first Java Servlet-based Web applications. He has been a software engineer for two decades, a frequent open source contributor, and has developed applications for the media, financial services, insurance and medical device industries.
Adrian Pittman
Director of User Experience and Human Factors
Adrian directs all strategic and development user experience initiatives for connected care and connected device projects. He oversees an architecture, design and front-end development team whose purview includes use environment analysis, user behavioral and pathway modeling, and interface design and development for FDA and non-FDA projects in an agile plus environment.
Byron Mattingly
Director of Systems Quality Engineering
Dr. Byron Mattingly is the 2016-2017 chair of the ASQ Software Division and a senior level systems and software quality engineering manager with more than 15 years’ experience in pharma, healthcare IT and medical device industries. He is recognized for taking a risked-based approach to complex adaptive medical device systems that innovate and (re)mobilize wearable/point-of-care medical devices with data analytics.

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