Wireframing with incomplete requirements

The value of wireframing even with incomplete information The task of wireframing in application development, as I’ve come to know it, should begin after user research has been performed, and a complete set of requirements gathered.  But what happens when, for whatever reason, you just don’t have access to user research, or a full set of requirements?  What if all you have are some rather unspecific, vagu
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Facebook Connect

I’ve just come across Yahoo’s new home page, which features a clean streamlined look, the ability to add your favorite pages as links right on the homepage, and most interestingly, a module that gives you access to (a subset of) your Facebook account. This module, which appears when you hover your mouse over the Facebook link on the let hand side of the page, will–after sign in–open up your fa
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A First Impression of Flash Catalyst

Spent some time playing around with Flash Catalyst, which was released by Adobe as a public Beta yesterday. I downloaded it today and got started on some of the tutorials Adobe labs has put up. My impressions: It’s pretty neat stuff. I could see myself prototyping with it, although Keynote and Acrobat are my tools of choice at the moment. From my limited time working with it, Catalyst’s main function is t
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Aesthetics and Web Design

Patrick Lynch over at A list apart has just written a great article about the role of aesthetics in web design.  In it, he specifically deals with the question of how much of a role visual aesthetic design should play in the design of web sites.  To answer the question, he delves into the somewhat controversial notion of visual decision making–the idea that aesthetics can help users in their decision making and
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Safari's Tabs on Top and Usability

Apple recently released a beta version of its Safari 4.  Naturally it has some really cool new features, including a helpful and slick start screen, and cover flow for your browsing history.  It’s also much faster than any other browser currently out there.  However there is one substantial “new feature” to the Safari 4 user interface that’s been generating lots of buzz (heat might be a better
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Prototyping with Keynote

photo credit: jcestnik I’ve been using Keynote–Apple’s version of Power Point–for at least a year now.  It provides multi slide functionality with an easy to use drag and drop interface for creating objects of pretty much any kind.  It also works great at any level of fidelity.  I can do quick sketches during the early phase of a project, and when the time comes I can also build complete full
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Data Driven Design and the Culture at Google

A peek under the hood of google’s design apparatus. In an interview with Newsweek magazine, Irene Au, User Experience Director at Google discusses her responsibilities, and in the process, reveals some telling things about the way design decisions are made at the multi-billion dollar internet company.  Perhaps not surprisingly, she makes it clear that Google takes a data driven approach to interface design just
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A New President, A New

Change has come to America, and so, too has it come to, the official website of the President of the United States. One minute into the 44th Presidency, the website sports a radically new look (I’d love to hear how that was handled), and all the neccesary updates as a new administration moves in have already been made.   But the changes promise to be much more than cosmetic.  According to a state
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Drupal, the popular open source Web Content Management System, has got a massive and passionate community of developers, designers and webmasters., their official website was faltering under the weight of this growing community of diverse users, so this past summer the powers that be at Drupal  decided to hire an outside agency to do a complete redesign of the site.  The firm they hired decided to take a
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Web Video Players – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

As I’m sure most of you do, I am spending more and more time online watching video.  So I thought I would take some time and rate the various video players I use on a frequent basis. I’m using a 10 point scale, and I’m rating based on a both functionality and visual look and feel. 7 out of 10 Fairly simple, two color, semi transparent control bar, appears only when moused over–a desig
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