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Turbocharge Your Mobile App Sales

Todd Wyder and I gave a talk on marketing mobile apps at Mobile Mondays Chicago  at Morningstars swanky offices on State Street.

Selling mobile applications is far more difficult than selling SaaS applications. Currently, there are over 732,609 available apps to download.  As of September of 2012, the iPhone App Store averaged 394 new apps every day. The Android Market averaged 243. Long gone are the days of throwing an app up into an app store and watching the dollars flow.

We launch a lot of mobile applications for our customers, and

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Using Constraints to Brainstorm Simple Designs for Mobile Apps

While a mobile app may do a lot of things, it’s essential to design the app so it feels simple to the user at any moment during its use. But how do you generate ideas that will make an app simple?

Try the following approach. List the top ten features you want in your app. These should be the most important things that characterize your app. If you have more than ten that’s OK, but try to come up with at least ten.

Once you have ten (or more) features listed, pick

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How to Integrate Lean Startup, User Experience Design and Agile Development

I gave a talk at the Chicago Product Management Association together with Pathfinder Software’s Amy Willis and Reid MacTavish on the lessons we’ve learned in integrating Lean Startup, User Experience Design and Agile Development. Here are the slides from the talk – a video recording will follow soon.

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Lean Ideas for Healthcare Startups

Bernhard Kappe, Pathfinder’s CEO, gave a talk at the new healthcare startup accelerator Healthbox, and tailored his Lean Startup presentation for medical innovators.

Healthbox is a new Chicago based healthcare centric accelerator program that started it’s inaugural class of ten startups earlier in January. For three months, these teams will share space and ideas in Chicago, where they will push toward the next stage of development.

The principles of the Lean Startup Method apply to any innovator developing a new product or business with extreme uncertainty indifferent to the size of the

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Your Logo Is Making Me Sick

Consider this the opening volley in our campaign for Lean Branding, the argument that branding has to follow the same course as customer and product development. More on this later. First a good argument on why you shouldn’t just plaster your brand over any and every aspect of your app or webapp.

Jonathan Anderson has a great post over at UX Magazine entitled Your Logo Is Making Me Sick. In it he argues that using a company’s logo or brand as the most striking part of a critical failure or error

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My Techweek Talk: Turbocharging the Enterprise Innovation Engine

The innovation engine in most companies is broken, burning large quantities of fuel, generating lots of heat and smoke, but doing precious little to accelerate company growth beyond a few sputtering lurches.

Most efforts to boost innovation focus on generating or capturing new ideas. Yet for most companies, this is not where the problem lies. Instead the problem lies in determining which of those ideas can be successfully scaled into profitable new lines of business. Most companies place big bets on the wrong ideas for the wrong reasons. As a consequence,

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Lean Innovation in the Enterprise with Encyclopedia Britannica, Nokia and Wheels

Pathfinder’s CEO Bernhard Kappe assembled a panel for last weeks AITP Spring Technology Conference focusing on how large enterprises are employing lean startup principles to improve innovation outcomes.

The panelists included:

Jorgen Hesselberg, Senior Manager, Agile Enterprise Adoption, Nokia
Greg Healy, Chief Product Officer, Encyclopedia Britannica
Brian Chau, Director of Product Innovation, Wheels, Inc.

The videos are now available on the Pathfinder vimeo channel.

Current innovation best practices focus heavily on different ways of generating ideas for new products. Yet for most companies, this is not where the problem lies. The problem lies in determining which

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Workshop: Faster Innovation With Lean + UX + Agile

Your job as an innovator is to discover a product and model that works before you run out of time and money. 9 out of 10 new products fail. So fail faster, fail cheaper. So use Fast Innovation with Lean + UX + Agile to iterate and pivot your product and model to success. Join us for a half day workshop on January 20th, 2012 to experience what fast innovation can do for you.

Pathfinder Software’s Amy Willis (UX) Bernhard Kappe (Products Strategy) and Reid

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Lean + UX + Agile

Lean + UX + Agile.

Lean Startup, User Experience Design and Agile Development are all approaches to improve your odds of creating successful products. Are they mutually exclusive, or can you assemble them together to make a lean, mean product machine?

In November Pathfinder’s Bernhard Kappe, Amy Willis and Reid MacTavish gave a sold out talk at the Chicago Product Management Association to share their lessons learned in making products with Lean + UX + Agile methodology. We have produced a video of the event including the slides with a narrative voice

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How To Do Customer Interviews

How To Do Customer Interviews.
Pathfinder CEO Bernhard Kappe and Broker Savant’s Todd Wyder talk on how to do problem and solution interviews at the Chicago Lean Startup Circle.

Too many entrepreneurs follow the “Field of Dreams” approach to product development. As entrepreneurs we hear a little voice in our head, and it says “if you build it, they will come”.

Maybe the voice is right. Maybe it is wrong. Either way interviewing your potential customers will give you significant insight into developing your product or service if you ask the right questions.

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