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Okay. Enough. Let’s get down to Big Data in Health Care.

With increasing frequency, we hear more and more people in the health space claim that they are putting “big data” in “the cloud.” In the past, most big data opportunities were limited; only analysts at large businesses dealt with them. However, mobile technology is expanding the reach and impact of big data sets, empowering individuals domestically and internationally.  Now, health-related applications and
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VGBio’s Vitalink: Predictive Analytics for Remote Patient Monitoring

One of the reasons VGBio is one of Pathfinder’s favorite clients is because they show how four of the most powerful technology trends affecting healthcare (body area sensor networks, smartphones, cloud computing and big data/predictive analytics) can be used together to reduce costs and improve outcomes.  VGBio technology enables the daily monitoring of patients with chronic diseases and provides
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Seasons Greetings from Pathfinder Software

Twas the night before a new release of FDA guidelines Not a developer was stirring waiting on the sidelines; The keyboards were hung by the monitors with care, In hopes that interoperability soon would be there; The physicians were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of Vinod Khosla danced in their heads; And UX with their wire frames, and agile scrums Had settled down with new problems but did not succumb.
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Trends from the 2012 MHealth Summit: Mobile Momentum

I attended the 2012 mHealth Summit in Washington DC earlier this week and came away impressed with the how fast things are moving in this space. The conference itself, now in it’s fourth year, has grown to over 3800 attendees and over 300 exhibitors. Major players like Kaiser Permanente, Intermountain Healthcare, Aetna, United Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, Qualcomm and Johnson and Johnson were well represented, as w
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What’s New at Pathfinder: Mobile, Healthcare Innovation and the FDA

It’s been a whirlwind year at Pathfinder. Our focus on bringing innovative solutions to the healthcare space has continued to bear fruit. We’ve added Fortune 500 clients and innovative startups in the device, diagnostic and health insurance industries. Mobile Our clients continue to innovate in their use of mobile technology. Many of our projects now involve developing mobile applications on iPhones, iPad
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Infographic: The Doctor’s Tech Toolbox

I came across this infographic earlier today that illustrates how quickly physicians are embracing mobile devices and mobile healthcare solutions. Presented this way, it’s suprising how much faster demand for mobile healthcare solutions is rising than in other areas. But if you look closer, it’s not surprising at all. Healthcare is an almost perfect setup for mobile: Physicians usually don’t sit at
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Agile for Medical Software: Faster Launch in FDA Regulated Environments

View more presentations from Pathfinder Software The FDA regulates software for medical devices, and may in future regulate mobile medical software as well. Can you speed up time to market with Agile development in an FDA regulated medical environment? We shared our experience developing software using lean ux and agile software development best practices for medical devices and mobile medical software at a recent jo
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Agile in FDA Regulated Medical Software – Partnering

This may be generic advice, but it might not be a familiar concept for those in IT working within a large organization doing validated software: Once you adopt the practices described in my previous blogs about regulated software, you will find that you aren’t working alone anymore. The tight feedback cycles allow you to regularly check-in with the business and involve them in building the software. Once this h
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Agile in FDA Regulated Medical Software – Sweat the Details

Very few people in the software development community have issues with maintaining good attention to the details. However, I bet those who live in the regulated software community view the “normal” software world as quite sloppy. Attention to detail is a matter of life and death for a medical device. Because of this, the entire software community does a good job maintaining checks and balances. I have thr
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How the MIT Media Lab is Transforming the Healthcare User Experience

Image credit:  MIT New Media Medicine group at the MIT Media Lab The New Media Medicine group at the MIT Media Lab suggests a key to solving healthcare problems lies in establishing new kinds of collaboration between patients and practitioners. Traditionally, the relationship has been one of “inequality” where practitioners and medical experts monopolize access to information. This leaves the power of the people and
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