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Technologies and Platforms

How to Integrate Lean Startup, User Experience Design and Agile Development

I gave a talk at the Chicago Product Management Association together with Pathfinder Software’s Amy Willis and Reid MacTavish on the lessons we’ve learned in integrating Lean Startup, User Experience Design and Agile Development. Here are the slides from the talk – a video recording will follow soon.
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PureMVC gaining traction in JavaScript world

I love PureMVC because of the simple idea behind it. Have Model-Viewer-Controller pattern that can span languages and therefore time, as explained in this article by Clifford Hall. I started using it in the Flex world when it was competing with Cairngorm for that very reason. Cairngorm was Flex specific and PureMVC was language agnostic. Coming form a mostly strict-typed MVC environment, it was very hard for me to ev
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Glory of Git source code versioning

There are many miracles that Git performs for source code versioning and I would like to highlight a recent one that really made my day. Pathfinder did a project for client that also has a team of in house developers. But they use SVN, not Git. Since the development was happening on our side, Git was used to version the project. And since the client is a big organization, having them change their versioning policy wa
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A Simple, Table Driven Approach to Multi-Choice Questionnaires – Part 1

photo credit: jasoneppink I’ve been working on a project recently that involves a desktop AIR application running (mostly) offline with a local SQLite database. Occasionally the app will synch collected data remotely with a central server that will have an administrative and reporting web front end. Various parts of the AIR application involve filling out a series of multi-choice questions. Considering that the
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HTML5 and the Rebirth of Mobile Webapps

We have a number of clients who have taken a hard look at MonoTouch. Objective-C was just too much of a technology shift for them with their C#/Java/Ruby developers. Now with the revised SDK agreement and it’s section 3.3.1, it looks like XCode and the C-derived languages of the 1980’s are in everybody’s future. Now along comes HTML5 with it’s offline caching of resources, it’s offline s
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Opera Mini for the iPhone (Bye-Bye Safari!)

So Opera Mini for the iPhone got approved and is available in the App store since last night.  I downloaded it this morning and should say I am mighty impressed with it. It is zippy, fast and intuitive.  There was a quite a bit of speculation around whether this would get approved by Apple.  I m happy that Apple approved it. I did notice a few quirks with the Browser but they are in no way deal-breakers. From my brie
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Tiling a 2-D Polygon using C# GDI+

One of the most challenging problems I came across working on a .NET PDF Annotator and Editor application was to tile a 2-D polygon and also accurately determine the number of tiles that fill the surface of the polygon.  The tiling part was not as much of a challenge as the counting part. The tiled polygon was to be rendered on a PDF document since the application in question is a PDF Annotating and Editing tool. We
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A Slight Correction to using PureMVC with Vaadin

photo credit: suki_fotografiert A while back I looked at the Vaadin Plugin and tried to make it work with the Multiton PureMVC. Back then I proposed the following code: public static ApplicationFacade getInstance() { if (instance == null) { // nuke the multiton so we can do the grails recompile if (ApplicationFacade.hasCore(CORE)) { ApplicationFacade.removeCore(CORE); } instance = new ApplicationFacade(CORE); } retur
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Sanity Amid the Tablet Hype

As January 26th, the rumored date for Apple’s rumored tablet unveiling draws near, the hype and anti-hype keeps getting more and more over the top: Five Ways Apple’s Tablet May Change the World The world doesn’t need an Apple tablet, or any other and the inevitable 3 Reasons A Microsoft-HP Tablet PC Would Trump Apple If you want to keep up to date on the rumors, Gizmodo has a regularly updated run-d
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Prediction: The Teens will be the Decade of Mobile

photo credit: matsuyuki I’ve made my fair share of predictions, and this may seem to be a layup, but I think it’s a prediction worth making anyway: mobile devices and applications will transform business and every day life in the next decade. Why does this seem like such a layup? Well, look at the iPhone and the ecosystem of applications and companies springing up around it. Android and Blackberry are try
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