Create products that achieve better, cost effective health outcomes.

We don’t just develop software, we help you accelerate medical software innovation.


Technology Expertise

Expertise with sensors, wireless, mobile and cloud computing in an FDA regulated environment.


Rapid Prototyping
and Testing

Eliminate risk, improve designs, solidify requirements and specifications before development.


Verification Driven Agile Development

Avoid different interpretations of requirements and enable development under design controls that prevents waste, confusion and late changes that can often double the length of projects.


Verification Testing

Catch issues at design time when they are easier to discover, diagnose, and fix with continuous integrated testing.



Automation during testing helps to minimize cost and challenges of technology change when product is in service.


Building Engagement

Optimize user engagement and safely test to continuously improve and achieve better patient outcomes once product is in the market.


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You want to sell more products based upon outcomes and cost effectiveness.

Partner with a team with the right skills and expertise to create new product offerings that compete based on outcomes and cost effectiveness.

Our process and capabilities help you leverage mobile, sensors, cloud computing, wireless connectivity, big data, analytics and integration with EMR and LIS enabling your move from standalone medical devices to creating systems for improved health outcomes.

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What if you could get products to market faster and with lower risk?

Partner with our team to get software to market faster and with lower risk.

Pathfinder greatly reduces your risk and development time in a regulated environment by using verification driven development. We have a bias toward risk elimination over risk mitigation. Our Agile process utilizes automated testing to perform verification as we build software, not at the end of the process.

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Pathfinder helps you sell more products that are widely adopted, engage users, and achieve better health outcomes.

Our iterative approach to user experience design helps you understand the user and their goals, design for them, and use end-user feedback to iteratively improve on the experience that drives engagement and better health outcomes.

Launch products that achieve high rates of adoption and engage users while having fewer errors, less patient risk and ultimately better health outcomes.

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Get to market faster by eliminating features that aren’t useful.

Multiple benefits, one process.

We help you accelerate product timelines by iteratively designing — using rapid prototyping and feedback to drive out both design/usability risk and human factors/use error risk.

Our iterative design process not only gets you adoption and engagement — it helps you drive out design risk and use error.  You get stable requirements and design before you start development.  It eliminates features that aren’t useful and makes the useful ones usable.  It also makes your formative usability testing meaningful and useful, not an afterthought, which helps you pass both EU and FDA summative tests.

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Get to market faster by cutting Verification time in half.

Our Verification driven agile development process and capabilities help you create stable design and requirements and move to development under design controls that prevent waste, confusion and late changes.

This extends the benefits of test driven development – only one interpretation of requirements and specification, not different ones from development and verification (which causes verification to be time consuming and painful).   Writing verification protocols first, and developing to those protocols lets you cut out all the waste that happens in “verification hell.”

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Get to market faster by using Automation.

Why do some companies in this industry, doing the same types of products, take 3 to 5 years, and why do others take 6 months? The ones who take longer have a broken, manual process.

Our automated traceability, verification, validation and documentation helps you catch problems at check in and prevent bugs and issues from propagating and hiding behind other bugs.

Automating verification testing lets you catch bugs as they are created, when they are much easier to diagnose and fix.  Furthermore, automating traceability and generation of test reports lets you automate creation of the documentation.

All of our processes work within an audited Quality Management System which has been used to clear numerous products to over 15 countries in the US, EU and Asia.

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Getting to market fast is one thing — maintaining your product is another.

Maintenance is a big challenge when platforms like mobile change every few weeks or months, making it difficult and expensive to keep up.

The automation that supports verification driven agile development speeds this process dramatically:  You load your software on the new OS (either patched, or even OS betas before they are released) and see what breaks in the automated verification protocols.  You fix what’s broken, run the tests again, and voila – you’re done, with automated documentation.  Instead of taking months, you can be ready in days, or even ready before the new OS moves out of beta.

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