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How We Do It

Making Complex Systems Simple

Connected care systems can be game-changers in a value based environment. But they are inherently complex: devices, wireless protocols, clinical systems, and smartphones with different form factors, software versions and frequent updates. They also include interactions between caregivers, patients, and multiple clinicians across different modalities, all while managing patient risk and compliance to quality systems, privacy and security regulations.

How do we build successful connected care products? By making complex systems simple and elegant. Our process is designed from the ground up to address complexity, uncertainty and change. Here's how we help you accelerate the development of successful products:


Simplifying complexity starts with a deep understanding of unmet human needs. These insights drive design solutions we iteratively prototype and test, and result in artifacts that clearly communicate to agile developers so they can efficiently realize the design.


We've done this before.  That means we understand devices, wireless and bluetooth protocols, cloud computing and clinical systems and how they interact.  That let's us think ahead and apply a systems engineering approach to minimize surprises and technical risk.

Agility + Quality

Our quality processes integrate risk management, verification and validation. By eliminating the waste inherent in waterfall processes we accelerate development while improving quality. Our processes are in line with ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 standards and AAMI TIR:45.

Testing Automation

Testing automation is core to managing complexity and quality at speed. For us that means automated system-level verification and validation testing, including black-box and white-box testing of hardware, software and interfaces.  This enables accelerated development and maintenance.

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