Retain Customers

Get Customers to Stick Around

Not every customers who comes your way will be back. Use Smart Path analytics to create a web of stickiness that allows you to identify the loyal and keep them satisfied.

Dissatisfied customers are more likely to stop using your product and go to your competitors. Smart Path helps you retain your customers by giving you insight into their overall satisfaction with your product.

Based on shopping habits, customers are looking for a more personalized approach to products that service their needs. Smart Path empowers you with the information you need to establish a more individualized approach to your marketing strategy and product offerings.

Cohort Analysis
Most customers are unpredictable, which can make your business unprepared for the future. With SmartPath, you will have the tools to know what works and doesn’t work for retaining your customers. You will also be able to predict how long an average customer will stay with you and their purchasing behavior long into the future.

Email nurturing
It’s not enough to just communicate with your customers when you need to. These relationships need a little tender, loving care. SmartPath keeps your product in the front of your customers’ mind through email marketing. It helps you manage your distribution list, test your email content, and measure the overall effectiveness of your communications.