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Agile Points: Handy for Healthcare Software Development or Thanksgiving Dinner

If you are new to agile development, you’re probably swimming in a sea of unfamiliar terms: user story, spike, sprint, stand up, points.  In this series, we’re going to tackle one of agile’s trickiest concepts: What exactly is an agile “point,” and how does it relate to time and budget? Points measure the complexity and effort required to complete a unit of work.  Pathfinder uses points because we find they
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Building a High Performance Agile Team: Assume You Will Be a One Hit Wonder

One thing about agile teams is that they constantly strive to get better. In my experience an Agile team takes 2-4 iterations to work through the forming stage. By iteration 10 or so the team is past forming and storming and is well into norming. At this stage the team is often moving fast enough or better than expected for the business’ needs. Now the team faces a dilemma: How to become a high performance team and w
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37 Signals on Launching Softly

Over at Signal vs. Noise, sound advice on the advantages of launching softly: … You don’t need a big bang – slow evolution is what you want. Unless you absolutely must “open wide,” abandon the mass introduction strategy. Instead, launch softly. Restaurants start off by serving friends and family before they invite the media. Movie studios use test screenings to fine tune movies. The people behind the scenes kno
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'Signature Survey' Revisited

‘hieroglyphics’ by Em_G One of the things I most admire about Ward Cunningham’s work is that you can read something like ‘Signature Survey‘ and still find new things to appreciate, even years later. Ward’s original article discussed a method to tackle large code bases (based somewhat on Tufte’s ideas on data visualization). To quote the original article, he summarized the pro
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