Application Architecture

Webtop – I Already Hate It

A reader emailed me this old article from CNN Money discussing the concept of the webtop, i.e. that A killer app no longer requires hundreds of drones slaving away on millions of lines of code. Three or four engineers and...
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Upcoming Talk – Back to the Future: Component GUI's and Ajax

I'll be giving a talk at the Chi2 monthly meeting on Wednesday, April 26, 2006. The highlights are: Why web applications are they way they are and how things are changing First attempts: frameworks and toolkits that extend current practice...
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Asynchronous Processing in Ajax Apps

Most web applications are still request driven, i.e. the browser makes a request and backend state is updated as a response to that request. There is some backend processing, but usually that processing is very losely coupled with the webapp,...
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A number of years ago I was part of a team that developed a workflow application for a company to replace a paper based process. The new workflow app was quite a success in testing and training, so we felt...
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Why Frameworks are Important

I've been beating the drum of component based GUI frameworks for Ajax for a while now. To understand why, I think it's useful to look at the evolution of the desktop GUI framework and understand what makes them so successful....
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Echo2 a Cult?

Paul Browne has nice little survey post over at O'Reilly about Ajax frameworks. All's cool until I stumble across the following: Echo2 - Evolution of original Echo Framework, can run in any Servlet container. Original has cult following, but doubt...
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