design research

The Research-Product Gap

What I will talk about at DRC is the ‘research-product’ gap. I just gave a talk at the Stanford D School about some of these issues. I discussed the research-product gap. This didn’t concern them. I said that if they were not interested in how their work got into a product, they were wasting their time. “And they said, ‘We’re just doing the research, we’re not responsible for the product.’ And
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The Design of Design – A Set of Insightful Essays

I recently read a copy of The Design of Design by Frederick Brooks, author of the classic title The Mythical Man-Month. Brooks offers, in a series of short essays, perspectives and principles of design that will be as relevant and thought-provoking tomorrow as they are today. I particularly liked his insight that design involves optimizing resources other than money. For example: Ounces in a spacecraft Hours in a con
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