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Recent Ajax Framework Releases/Developments

Some noteworthy Ajax Framework releases have come out in the last few weeks, along with some other news of interest: Ext JS 2.1 and Ext GWT 1.0 Beta - Better performance, new Slider, StatusBar components. REST support (support for other...
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Server-side Ajax Framework: IT Mill Toolkit 5, now with GWT

I've long been a proponent of server-side Ajax frameworks -- frameworks that store state on the server and use an Ajax engine in the browser to drive the display. The advantages: state and control logic stay on the server, so...
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Echo3 Update: SVN, Wiki, Forms, Builds

Echo3 is showing a few more signs of life. Since my update last month on some early details of Echo3, the pace has picked up. No alpha release, but already there are two forums, one especially for folks looking to...
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Details Emerge on Echo3

Some hopeful news on Echo3: First, it is close to a release. Second, there are more developers working on it. Next, they have a new web container architecture: In Echo2, we used the client as a remote “canvas”, upon which...
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Aejaks 0.5 Integrates Echo2Extras

Aejaks, a Tcl/Tk style framework built on top of Echo2, has a new version out: 0.5, now considered Beta. What's in the new release? Echo2 Extras widgets - MenuBar, Drag/Drop, TabPane, TransitionPane, etc. Echo2 Chart widget Echo2 FileTransfer widget &...
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IDE Watch: Echo2 Module for NetBeans

We can see the beginnings of IDE support for Echo2 in NetBeans. This isn't close to the commercial plugin for Eclipse provided by NextApp, which, among other things, provides a widget tree and property editor that eases UI assembly. But...
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Google Maps Component for Echo2

Just stumbled across this not quite ready Google Maps component for Echo2 over at Sourceforge. Hacim Bengalis over at his blog has taken this work and presents the code changes necessary to getting it to work with Echo2. Basically, he...
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Informagen Echo2 Component Library

Will Gilbert has contributed a handful of validating form field components. Take RegExTextField, for instance. It will take a regex and, surprise, validate the input against it. Maybe not earth shattering, but handy nonetheless. Technorati Tags: ajax, echo2, components
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Another Echo2 Sample App

Kenneth Riggio has put together an Echo2 sample app -- a single player Blackjack game. He was kind enough to put up his source code and even gave a hat tip to my getting started tutorial. Technorati Tags: ajax, echo2,...
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Some tidbits about Echo3

Tod Liebeck dropped some tantalizing hints on the future direction of Echo2. First, it won't be Echo2, but Echo3! Sounds like the development of custom components will be a touch easier too. The next version isn't 2.2, it's worth of...
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