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Microsoft to Jump on Board EC2

Hold on to your hats; Microsoft has just made a radical change in business model. A couple of months ago I wrote about the competitive advantage that firms using Linux and Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing had over their competitors. Server-on-demand providers like Amazon’s EC2, Joyent, and others have reduced the capital necessary to launch scalable, server intensive businesses. Google has just launched a sim
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Ajax on Way Out? Slide Down Hype Curve Exaggerated

Aidan Henry over at MappingTheWeb asks whether Ajax is on the way out. Aside from observing that the "frenzy ways of web 2.0 are over," he opines that: My quarrel lies in the fact that many web designers and developers...
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Agile Business, Microsoft and the Threat of Cloud Computing

Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs. -- Henry Ford I've been working with Java and Microsoft technologies -- .NET most recently -- in one form or another for quite some time. My company,...
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Another Brain Fart on Why Open Source is Bad

Every so often, someone scrawls a manifesto about why closed source is good and open source is bad. Usually the parties involved are technical ignoramuses (like in this Economist article) or industry hatchet men. But Jaron Lanier should know better....
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Ajax and Browsers: Recapitulating the Early Days of Personal Computers

I guess its my turn to spin out historical analogies. Does anyone remember GEOS? That's right, a GUI OS for the Commodore 64. In those early days, everyone rolled their own GUI (character mode windowing...yum). Some were good, some were...
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Humor: Bubble Video

An amusing little video on the Web 2.0 bubble. Technorati Tags: ajax, video, humor, web 2.0
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Eating Some Crow on ThinWire

OK, so I was wrong in ThinWire. The issues around having to position and size components is obviated through the existence of two layout managers -- SplitLayout and TableLayout. These layout managers calculate size and positioning for you (and override...
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Ajax Turkeys for 2007

Every American school child has heard vague rumors that Ben Franklin once suggested that the Turkey would make a better national symbol than the Bald Eagle. What they haven't heard, of course, is that the Turkey is "though a little...
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Ajax, Browsers, Running Out of Time

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. -- Karl Marx I can remember the day, back in 1994, when I abandoned the Mac for Windows. It was a gloomy, overcast day when I made that bittersweet decision --...
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The Importance of Pair Programming

It turns out I've been following agile principles for longer than I realized. Back in the early 90's, I was living in a grad student coop at the University of Chicago. The house manager -- a 50-year-old physics Ph.D. who...
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