Punctuated Equilibrium and Ajax Innovation

I remember reading in one of Stephen Jay Gould's books about punctuated equilibrium in evolution. The basic idea is that instead of continuous gradual change, evolution happens rapidly or not all. An illustrative example that is often given is where...
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More on Cognitive Load – The Rendering Tier

In a comment to my post Friday on cognitive load and the supperiority of server-side AJAX GUI frameworks, reader Matt took me to task for muddling my tiers: I would argue that mixing the middle tier (java) with the front-end...
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Cognitive Load and the Superiority of Server-Side Ajax GUI Frameworks

Back in 1993, the professor I was working for at the time won the Nobel Prize in Economics. Articles were published about him in many languages and he asked me if I would translate one from German into English. "I...
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Google Maps for Mobile – Not AJAX?

I've been using Google Maps for Mobile for a few weeks now and find it rather useful, especially when I'm in a strange city driving a rental without a nav system. OK, what does this have to do with Ajax?...
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Cross Domain Comet

I hate to be a blog echo chamber, but there's a post from Alex Russell of Dojo Toolkit that is worth spreading around a bit more. First, some background. There are two technologies that Alex and Co. have been working...
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Exploiting the Google App Ecosystem

A number of readers have noted that XMLHttpRequest can only communicate back to the same host that served up a page. This is true. We've all played around with XMLHttpRequest to see if we could make it break. Barring browser...
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Top 10 AJAX Applications – How Have Things Changed?

"Too early is the same thing as wrong." -- Old Venture Capitalist Proverb Most Venture Capitalist (VC) proverbs are actually stolen from investment banking, but I think this one is actually home grown. (Full disclosure: my wife is a VC...
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AJAX and the Network Effect

Via Ajaxian, Coach Wei over at AjaxWorld Magazine has an article expressing reservations about AJAX and what might hinder it's adoption: 1. 10% browsers have Javascript support turned off (see statistics at It means that 10% users can not...
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