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Firefox Plugin Malware 'Trojan.PWS.ChromeInject.A'

You knew it had to happen. Malware for Firefox. It happens all the time with IE (so much so that my 17-year-old niece needs a fresh install of Windows every 3 months), but Firefox has been a little less prone — though not imune — to malware. See the BitDefender blog post and the Infoworld article which has a bit more detail. Now Firefox 3 does contain Malware protection, but apparently this plugin is deli
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Icons are evil; so are menus – unless you do them right

Menus and dropdowns seem like attractive design choices because they conserve screen real estate while providing users access to a potentially large number of commands. But if you resist the easy out of menus and dropdowns, you may find that your applications become far more usable. Survey the software you use for yourself, both browser- and desktop-based. Think about which applications provide the most invisible, ef
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Getting things done with Flock and Meebo

During a recent GTD weekly review, I suddenly realized how many distractions had worked their way into my daily office routine: personal email, personal instant messaging, entertainment feeds, Facebook. I suspect such time-wasters pose a bigger danger to web developers than to other professionals, if only because the programs they run in are so central to our work. I run Firefox for web development, Adium for instant
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Faster JavaScript for Firefox 3.1 Thru JIT

I was expecting the next major advance in JavaScript for Firefox to come from replacing SpiderMonkey with Tamarin, Adobe’s donated VM for ECMAScript 4. In fact, Tamarin can already do some JIT. Now surprise, surprise — SpiderMonkey can do JIT as well, as Brendan Eich, Mozilla’s CTO describes in his blog. The technique used in both Tamarin and SpiderMonkey is called tracing, where during code executi
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FireFox Release Candidate 1: Enjoy

Colleagues here at PFD demanded I add this blog after sending it out as an e-mail. I'm the fellow that translates what the developers say into English for the business people. I then translate the spreadsheets into quasi-code on the...
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Developer’s Notebook: Find computed styles in IE, Firefox, Opera or Safari

At my recent Web 2.0 Expo talk, I exhorted developers to get comfortable outside the Firebug/Firefox safety zone. By rotating between Opera, Safari and even IE as our primary development environments, we can really get to know those browsers -...
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Getting semantic and DRY with microformats and Radiant CMS

I can now cross Microformats off my list of "technologies whose value I recognize even though I've never had the chance to use them in real life." Last week I created three hcards for the new Pathfinder website, one each...
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Keeping up with Firefox 3: Six more bookmark-manager gotchas

I found four more bugs and two more feature requests to add to yesterday's massive, minutiae-laden post about the Firefox 3 bookmarks manager: Feature request: It would be awesome if you could sort your bookmarks by specific criteria, then make...
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Keeping up with Firefox 3: Improvements, bugs and missing features in the new bookmark manager

I'm a trigger-happy bookmarker, likely to command-D any page that seems like it could be of use in the future. I've learned to live with my affliction, but the Firefox 2 bookmark manager doesn't exactly make my life easier. The...
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Keeping up with Firefox 3: The agony and the ecstasy of full page-zoom

I've been playing with the page-zoom feature in Firefox 3 Beta 3. Thanks to the hard work of the Mozilla folks, Firefox is now the third major browser (behind Opera and IE7) to support this feature. (Safari, of course, supports...
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