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Ajax, Browsers, Running Out of Time

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. -- Karl Marx I can remember the day, back in 1994, when I abandoned the Mac for Windows. It was a gloomy, overcast day when I made that bittersweet decision --...
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Unofficial Firefox 3 Beta 1 release for Mac and Linux

Occasionally, in-between the latest iPod rumors and stupid top-10 lists from Cracked, Digg coughs up the good stuff. Case in point: today's post about Firefox 3 Beta 1. So far it's only available for Mac and Linux, and the download...
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More on Safari and the new Gmail upgrade

Over the weekend my Gmail finally got upgraded to the new version. (I know, I know, a week is hardly a long time to wait for a slow-rollout Google feature. But I'm impatient.) I have to say, the history and...
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Songbird 0.3: Why aren't Ajax folks more geeked about "the Firefox of media players"?

Songbird, the open-source, Mozilla-based media player, received its 0.3 "developer pre-release" on Oct. 30. The UI hasn't changed much since the 0.2.5 "developer preview," but things continue to evolve under the hood. Better yet, the documentation and demos keep getting...
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Coming soon: Really Simple History 0.6 beta

Late tonight over at Google Code, I'll be posting a beta of Really Simple History 0.6 for testing. The goal is to elicit help from RSH users in chasing down any bugs I've failed to catch, then push out a...
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Mash Note: Foxmarks bookmark synchronizer

All bookmark sync utilities are not created equal. Plenty of browser add-ons promise to keep your favorites in sync across computers, while Del.icio.us and its ilk host your links up in the cloud. For my money, though, if you're a...
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Really Simple History: Onwards and upwards

I'm excited to announce that I've heard the call and volunteered to tackle maintenance and stewardship of Really Simple History, Brad Neuberg's intuitive, lightweight Ajax history library. Brad developed RSH a couple of years ago, drawing inspiration from the Dojo...
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IBM's CoScripter: Greasemonkey for non-geeks

Think of all those annoying step-by-step processes you must learn and memorize to go about your daily online business: logging onto your bank site to check the balance on your savings account; filling out a tedious form; ordering prints of...
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IE6: The zombie browser

Paul Graham's much-dissected essay Microsoft is Dead offers some witty and perceptive analysis, but it sidesteps the fact that Microsoft's rotten corpse will take decades to decompose. In the meantime, we still live in a world where most people trawl...
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An Event Apart Chicago: Day 2

Tuesday saw the conclusion of An Event Apart Chicago 2007, the two-day web-development conference from the folks at A List Apart. Here's my sequel to yesterday's day-one overview. I'll be back Friday with analysis and afterthoughts. Jeremy Keith, author of...
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