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The Balkanization of the Application Development Landscape

photo credit: Mushroom and Rooster I can still remember how I felt the first time I deployed a a Java application from the WinNT desktop where I had developed it to a pair of Solaris servers. It was either late 1998 or early 1999. Up to this point most of my experience in cross platform development had consisted of the surprisingly difficult and painful task of tweaking the code and header files of open source progra
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C love with Alchemy

I don’t remember the last time I was as excited about development as I am now, and for discovering old news no less! Enter Adobe Alchemy. To give you some background on the problem, I am currently working with an excellent team on a huge project (top secret). It is so huge that we are trying to retrieve half a million records per call from the server and process it with complicated algorithms in a browser. A ta
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Performance Optimization for Flash Player

Time and again the same scenario arises. An app is being built and it’s all going fine until the very end when performance issues start to appear. Optimizing Flash performance is certainly the most boring part of Flash Platform development but it’s a cornerstone without which you, the Flex developer, can not do without. An app is worth nothing unless you provide that effortless flow of interaction at all
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So far, of all the AMF frameworks I have been a proponent of AMFPHP and RailsAMF. I still don’t know RoR very well (working on it), but I’ve been using PHP for a long time and have grown to love it so AMFPHP was always my natural choice. Now we have a new player in Flash Remoting arena – ZendAMF. Why should anybody care when AMFPHP was just fine? A few reasons.
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How much Excel can we get in Flex?

…and why would we go around doing that when there are perfectly good solutions out there for online spreadsheets? For instance Google Docs in which I still haven’t found a bug or a feature I’m missing. Spreadsheets are necessary because people use them because they know how to use them. It is a straight forward interface that can yield good in high complexity situations. Now most people want to use
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Flex Camp Chicago '09 Community Showcase Presentation Summary

Here is some follow up information from the Flex Camp Chicago ’09 Community Showcase presentation.
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Flare on PureMVC in Flex example

By this time, I am very happy and impressed with PureMVC. In combination with Flex Code Generator, plumbing downtime is minimal and the more you work on a project, the more you see the benefits. Out of all visualization frameworks for Flash Platform that I came in contact with, Flare is looking like the most customizable. I also like it’s structure. At first I didn’t, but now I love the fact that Visualiz
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Using Flex Code Generator (FCG) with Flex & PureMVC

Recently I’ve been working on a Flex prototype using the PureMVC framework. I will talk at length another time about just how much PureMVC successfully solves a lot of problems that we encounter in interface development and especially about how much this framework is important for all those complex interactions that we expect out of our RIA interfaces. Starting out with PureMVC is not a particularly easy task.
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Google Analytics Tracking Component for Flash Platform

Although it’s not too hard to set up Google Analytics tracking on Flash based web sites the traditional way by referencing JavaScript, there are still good chances for something to go wrong in the process and debugging it is notoriously hard. The good people at Google have provided the Flash Platform Developer community with a great “little” library that wraps the whole process and provides a good d
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Pathfinder releases version 1 of its Flash Platform microsite (codename Mica)

You can see the site here. Come often as it will be updated on a regular basis. The goal of this site is to shed more light on what is it that we do here at Pathfinder with the Flash Platform. We would be very grateful to hear feedback about the site from any perspective.
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