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Google learns to crawl Flash

For a technology used to publish content on the internet, not being able to be properly indexed by search engines is a big snag. That is one of the first questions that is raised about Flash in any IT environment. The second one is how do you get around it. That might be about to change...
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Can't we all just get along?

I’ve came across an interesting article titled The Next-Gen Web: HTML5 – Will We Ever See A Real Standard? by Nik Cubrilovic that gives a nice overview of the history of web standards while focusing on the current HTML5 draft specification and its potential. Web standards are not something particularly interesting to me as an Adobe Flex developer. After all, one of the reasons I’ve chosen this techn
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Upcoming Conference: FITC Chicago 2008, June 22-23

Another Chicago area conference coming up: FITC Chicago 2008, from June 22-23 at the Chicago City Centre Hotel & Sports Club, 300 E. Ohio. We’re even supporters. So what is it beyond the platitudinous “design and technology” event? Obviously there’s going to be lots of talk about how to develop Flex and Flash applications. Also how to develop online/offline apps with Adobe Air. Heck you
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Flash Technology vs. Flash Developer

My colleague Brian Dillard, having a keen eye on interface enhancing, posted an interesting piece about Flash user interface conventions. Of the things said, the fact that Flash development environments do not default to standard (traditional) browser behaviors is the...
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A case study in Flash UI annoyances: style-card.com

Maybe I read too much Victorian literature, but I've always wanted a personal calling card. Recently, I decided to get one: a little something to help new acquaintances remember my phone number, email address and important URLs. Based on a...
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FlashDevelop: Open Source Flash IDE

Despite my previous post, there is some activity around Open Source and Flash. For one, there is an Open Source Flash IDE, Flashdevelop. Right now it is tied to Windows, and it requires you to download the free debug Flash...
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Adobe "Open Screen" is not "Open Source"

So Adobe is opening up their Flash platform via the Open Screen Project. Opening up in this case doesn't mean "Open Source," more like Open Spec. The spec for SWF has been published since 1998, but it came with onerous...
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Visualizations & Election Year Coverage

The New York Times has an interesting campaign event flash-based interactive map (link from the image on the right) which works out to be easy on the eyes. The animations are not that useful, but what I find most curious...
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New Ajax for Old Iron

In the rush to develop entirely new Web 2.0 systems based on Ajax, it is often easy to lose sight of how it can be used to improve the so-called "legacy" enterprise systems. Over at the Ext JS blog, there's...
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Some Thoughts on Silverlight

I'm not going to dig into the how and why of Silverlight, or write an inflamatory article bashing Microsoft. What I do want to set down are some simple observations on Silverlight. All of us who design RIA's need to...
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