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Monster.com's Job Search Beta Runs on OpenLaszlo

So what are the big boys doing? Are they using Dojo, Prototype, etc.? After another disappointing stroll through the top 100 sites (a few more uses of Scriptaculous, yawn), I discovered that Monster.com is in Beta with a spiffy new...
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Project Tamarin brings Adobe and Mozilla together on ECMAScript

It's already been reported elsewhere, but Adobe has just contributed source code for their AVM2 -- basically a virtual machine for executing ECMAScript -- to the Mozilla Foundation. The project is code named Tamarin, and there are already a number...
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A Response from Laszlo Systems

Jim Grandy, the director of OpenLaszlo from Laszlo Systems, took the time to respond to my post from yesterday on the criticisms of OpenLaszlo from Flash/Flex developers. He also took me to task for publishing claims about failed OpenLaszlo projects:...
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OpenLaszlo Considered Harmful

Yesterday was the good, tomorrow will be the good again, and in general I will have more good things to say about OpenLaszlo than bad, but today I have some bad things to say nonetheless, from my conversations with some...
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RoR and OpenLaszlo Together

I hope to have a number of things to say about OpenLaszlo this week, both good and bad. First, let me say that when I first experimented with OpenLaszlo, it struck me as nice presentation layer scaffolding for a more...
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Framework Watch – FJax

I feel a little sorry for all of those guys who come up with their own elegant solution to a problem only to have technology or standards make their work irrelevant. I had my own little IFrame-based library that I...
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Apollo – Adobe's JVM

Apollo was announced by Adobe back in March of 2006. What is Apollo? From the Adobe Apollo official FAQ: Apollo is the code name for a cross-operating system runtime being developed by Adobe that allows developers to leverage their existing...
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Application Watch – Gliffy, Visio on the Web

Yes, it's Flash and not AJAX, but this Visio-like Flash application demonstrates two things: As AJAX is driving acceptance of desktop-like functionality in the browser, Flash is also benefiting from that same changing mindset. The same decisionmakers who used to...
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Exploiting the Google App Ecosystem

A number of readers have noted that XMLHttpRequest can only communicate back to the same host that served up a page. This is true. We've all played around with XMLHttpRequest to see if we could make it break. Barring browser...
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Another Worm, This Time on Myspace

Over at Simple Thoughts, they disect a Flash/AJAX worm that has been laying waste to MySpace. The unnamed worm isn't malicious but the Shockwave Flash (.swf) file containing the payload embeds JavaScript into the profile of any MySpace user who...
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