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Launched: MetroPulse Analytics and Mapping Platform

We just completed a yearlong project for the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning with the successful Launch of MetroPulse, an analytics and mapping platform that allows government officials, press outlets and concerned citizens to access 20,000 data sets on 200+ different indicators that track quantifiable issues throughout Chicagoland. It’s interactivity and location-based visualization capabilities will
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Multi-Version Flex Applications

You have a great application on your hands but you can’t load it up as a part of your brand-spanking-new application because they are not the same version. Do you rewrite the old stuff? Or you downgrade the version of the app you are currently building? Both are very painful, and all you need to do to avoid the pain is to make the apps talk and coexist. This is a standard problem of any enterprise system, espec
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HTML5 vs Flex – Drawing Curves

photo credit: Amateugrapher We recently finished a first release of a data visualization application. The application was written in Flex and needed to draw curves with up to 250,000 points total between them. To do this in less than a half a second took quite a bit of optimization, to the point where we could have written a 3D real-time video game with our rendering code. I was curious to see what the performance wo
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C love with Alchemy

I don’t remember the last time I was as excited about development as I am now, and for discovering old news no less! Enter Adobe Alchemy. To give you some background on the problem, I am currently working with an excellent team on a huge project (top secret). It is so huge that we are trying to retrieve half a million records per call from the server and process it with complicated algorithms in a browser. A ta
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Flex Widget for Graphing Elections and Debt

[SWF]http://www.pathf.com/sites/pfd/flash/zeitlupe/Zeitlupe.swf, 500, 475, dataLocation=http://www.pathf.com/sites/pfd/flash/zeitlupe/[/SWF] We’ve been building a lot of mapping/GIS data visualization applications over the last few months, mostly using flex with various back end services (ArcGIS, google and yahoo maps, open source mapping frameworks.) One of the more fun little projects was putting together thi
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Flare vs. Axiis

After a long time of searching for the right data visualization framework for Flash Platform, some time ago I’ve put my money on Flare which is based on a Java framework called Prefuse. I have been very happy with it and haven’t looked back until a new framework of same purpose crossed my way – Axiis. Before anything else said, Axiis is a brand new framework so I have to give it some credit if all t
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Pathfinder Launches Beer Hunter, A New Flex + Ruby RIA

We just launched a new rich internet application for Destinationbeer.com, called Beer Hunter.  It was written in Flex and Ruby on Rails and features mapping and 150 beers from around the world.  We think it’s pretty cool, so check it out, and let us know what you think.  One of the things I really like about it is that the design pattern can be applied anywhere you’re filtering products geographically and
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Remove/Cancel Bubbling for an Event in Flex3

I recently had an issue in flex where I needed the click event for a component in an ItemRenderer to not bubble up to the parent list. Since the click event was being dispatched by Flex SDK code, I could not directly do this by passing false into the event’s constructor. I had hoped to find a property I could set on the object, something like “clickBubbles”, which I could set which would accomplish
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Notification Testing with PureMVC and FlexUnit

One of the nice extensions available for FlexUnit is the ability to easily unit test event behavior using EventfulTestCase. This library has support for testing Cairngorm, but unfortunately support is lacking for PureMVC. I searched for existing solutions which added PureMVC notification support, but was not satisfied with their APIs. Luckily, it was not difficult to write some code to support PureMVC which mirrored
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Performance Optimization for Flash Player

Time and again the same scenario arises. An app is being built and it’s all going fine until the very end when performance issues start to appear. Optimizing Flash performance is certainly the most boring part of Flash Platform development but it’s a cornerstone without which you, the Flex developer, can not do without. An app is worth nothing unless you provide that effortless flow of interaction at all
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