Facebook Connect

I’ve just come across Yahoo’s new home page, which features a clean streamlined look, the ability to add your favorite pages as links right on the homepage, and most interestingly, a module that gives you access to (a subset of) your Facebook account. This module, which appears when you hover your mouse over the Facebook link on the let hand side of the page, will–after sign in–open up your fa
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More on Pure MVC for C#

Last week, Karega Scott made a nice post on how Pure MVC makes development of Windows applications using C# simple. I thought I ll piggyback on this post and share some of my thoughts regarding this popular framework. I think the framework, if understood completely and adopted intelligently, has to offer some really cool benefits like : Light-weight messaging mechanism (using Notification/Observer patterns) between d
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Really Simple History: Onwards and upwards

I'm excited to announce that I've heard the call and volunteered to tackle maintenance and stewardship of Really Simple History, Brad Neuberg's intuitive, lightweight Ajax history library. Brad developed RSH a couple of years ago, drawing inspiration from the Dojo...
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CSS 3: Multi-column Layout vs. Advanced Layout

My colleague Sholom Sandalow's post about multi-column layout in CSS 3 drew a lot of comments and remains one of our most popular articles two months after publication. Folks are obviously hungry for discussion about the future of CSS. Yet...
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The awesome state of JavaScript development tools

Dietrich's post on the depressing state of IE develpment tools got me to thinking about the generally wonderful state of JavaScript tooling. Compared to just a few short years ago, we've got a wealth of productivity-enhancing browser add-ons, TDD frameworks...
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Ajax/Javascript Library – DHTMLGoodies

If you want to spruce up your vanilla webapp or site but don't want the bother of adopting a full framework, you may want to look at the Javascript/AJAX library site DHTMLGoodies. What do they have? A folder tree with...
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An Interview with Dojo Creator Alex Russell, Part II

Today we have the continuation of the interview with one of Dojo's creators, Alex Russell. Ajax Challenges and Other Frameworks Q: What do you see as the biggest challenge to Ajax and its further adoption? A: Development of good, webish...
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An Interview with Dojo Creator Alex Russell, Part I

A case can be made that Dojo is the single most influential framework in the Ajax universe. Any time I talk with Ajax developers about frameworks, the discussion always turns to Dojo. Even other framework developers take their hats off...
Read More – Open Source AJAX Frameworks with Server-Side Java Support has a great list of AJAX frameworks with Server Side support. I think I've mentioned this before, but is a great resource for developers explorting open source Java.
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AJAX Framework Browser Compatibility Matrix

Musing from Mars has published an update of his Ajax Framework Browser compatibility review. It's not a framework review but rather a rating of how compatible these frameworks are with all of the major browser versions. His grading scale is...
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