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Android: What I like about you

Anybody who has been to our office knows I am an Android fan. My prediction is that the Android platform will end up with a much, much larger install base than iPhone OS. Originally, I felt this way because you can get a Android phone on every carrier for a lower cost than the iPhone – many of them are now free with a contract. This is good enough, but I have a new insight. The Android OS does a great job of di
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Better JavaScript Development with Google Closure Tools

Google has release Closure Tools, the set of tools they used to write applications such as Gmail. What is it? It consists of three parts: A compiler which is a “JavaScript optimizer that compiles web apps down into compact, high-performance JavaScript code. The compiler removes dead code, then rewrites and minimizes what’s left so that it will run fast on browsers’ JavaScript engines. The compiler a
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What will Happen to a Giant

Although I’ve seen so many players rise and fall over the years, what has inspired this post is the irony of what is happening to Microsoft. In the early years of my technology career it was Microsoft’s ownership of the PC O/S market that primarily allowed other compatible hardware manufacturers to create innovation and eventually marginalize IBM’s dominance of that market. In the early years of PCs, the applications
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Which Mobile Platform Should You Target – Other Points of View

Our two part series Which Mobile Platform Should You Target – on web apps and on native apps – generated a fair bit of feedback, especially from those targeting cross platform development. Here are a few other points of view on the subject – there is certainly no shortage of opinions and angles: Mobile OS Shootout: The Cross-Platform Developer Point of View The VC Point of View (or a couple of them)
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Data Driven Design and the Culture at Google

A peek under the hood of google’s design apparatus. In an interview with Newsweek magazine, Irene Au, User Experience Director at Google discusses her responsibilities, and in the process, reveals some telling things about the way design decisions are made at the multi-billion dollar internet company.  Perhaps not surprisingly, she makes it clear that Google takes a data driven approach to interface design just
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The courage to redesign

People are still griping about the recent redesigns of Facebook and iGoogle, but I think we should cheer on any company brave enough to disregard user feedback and embrace change. Lots of big-name, highly successful sites eventually reach a state of paralysis in which they’re too scared of alienating their customers to examine their interaction design and information architecture from a fresh perspective. The c
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Google Calendar: Finally, a search box that makes sense

I’ve been complaining for months about a usability problem with Google Calendar’s default search behavior, so I figure I should document that it’s finally been fixed. Ever since gCal introduced the concept of public calendars, hitting “enter” in the global search box has kicked off a trawl through the public-calendar database. Instead of searching MY OWN calendar for, say, my Aunt Donna&
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Google learns to crawl Flash

For a technology used to publish content on the internet, not being able to be properly indexed by search engines is a big snag. That is one of the first questions that is raised about Flash in any IT environment. The second one is how do you get around it. That might be about to change...
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Google Health and the Changing Landscape of Healthcare Analytics

Google is at it again. Entire industries have sprung up around their search engine, adwords/adsense universe, and now they are set to do the same thing with healthcare data. One of the major barriers to entry for companies offering services around processing healthcare data has been access to data. Who has the data? Typically the insurance companies. At least they have it in the kind of quantities that makes doing se
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Recent Ajax Framework Releases/Developments

Some noteworthy Ajax Framework releases have come out in the last few weeks, along with some other news of interest: Ext JS 2.1 and Ext GWT 1.0 Beta - Better performance, new Slider, StatusBar components. REST support (support for other...
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