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HTML5 vs Flex – Drawing Curves

photo credit: Amateugrapher We recently finished a first release of a data visualization application. The application was written in Flex and needed to draw curves with up to 250,000 points total between them. To do this in less than a half a second took quite a bit of optimization, to the point where we could have written a 3D real-time video game with our rendering code. I was curious to see what the performance wo
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HTML5 Storage – Odd Performance Numbers

photo credit: bienvu I’ve been working on a GWT application that makes use of HTML5 local storage to persist state between loads. The target for right now is the iPad and the two webkit browsers — Chrome and Safari. I wasn’t all that happy with the speed of the local hash storage, so I decided to test out the db versus hash performance. First off was writing. After coding up a quick benchmark and st
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New Version of JSONWrapper for GWT Released

photo credit: vieux bandit Thanks to some code contributions, I’ve released a new version of JSONWrapper for GWT. New are the addition of Boolean and Integer accessor methods. I’ve been making quite a bit of use of this library recently, lots of it in relation to efficiently storing data as JSON in HTML5 storage. Very handy to have and saves a ton of time. Enjoy.
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GWT 2.0 RC1 Released

Well, GWT 2.0 RC1 (yes!) is out. I was going to wait for a while with some of my new projects until switching them over to GWT 2.0, but given the pace of the GWT 2.0 project, I may just switch them over now rather than going through a painful migration. I’m especially eager to use UiBinder to do declarative UI creation. Just specify how your interface should look in XML:
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Released: QxWT-0.8.2-RC1 – GWT Wrapper for qooxdoo

I used to scratch my head at the name for the JavaScript library qooxdoo. That’s until I ran into the developers of the library at an Ajax Experience event in Boston a few years ago and they pronounced it “Kucks Du” as in “Was kucks du” or German for “what are you looking at?” Beyond the basics, qooxdoo is a mature collection of JavaScript widgets, despite the authors’
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GWT and the Static Versus Dynamic Religious War

Never get involved in a land war in Asia. – Vizzini, The Princess Bride . Also, never get involved in a religious war about statically versus dynamically typed languages. Well, maybe just this once. Periodically, an angry Javascript developer will let loose and flame GWT as a misbegotten spawn of evil. Then all the GWT developers point and chuckle and move on to developing more cool applications. Every so often
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GWT 2 Milestone 2

It’s been out a few weeks, but I thought I’d point out that’s it’s been pushed. Mostly some changes to the LayoutPanel.
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Making Vaadin, PureMVC and Grails Work Together

On seeing that someone had developed a Grails Plugin for Vaadin (the former ITMill Toolkit, based on GWT as a front end technology), I immediately grabbed it and started exploring. One of the first things I do when developing things that look like GUI’s is apply PureMVC to it. It’s sort of like a big MVC switchboard that lets you hook together the smaller MVC’s of whatever framework you’re usi
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GWTUML – Just Enough UML for Wikis

Florian Mounier has spent the last six months developing GWT UML, a slick little UML diagramming tool written in, obviously, GWT. It’s smooth, good looking, supports class, object and sequence diagrams. You can save your diagram as a url or export it to an SVG. You wouldn’t try to do model driven development with it, but for embedding in a development wiki, this thing could rock. You can find more informa
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Week in Review

Some interesting posts from around the blogosphere: The GWT Plugin for Grails has been stuck in version 1.4.x of GWT for forever. Michael Galping has published a two part (one and two) series at IBM Developerworks on integrating Grails and GWT 1.5.3. Extensive, well illustrated with full source code available for download. InfoQ has published an interesting conversation about Ajax and COMET versus HTML Web Sockets, i
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