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Ajax and Browsers: Recapitulating the Early Days of Personal Computers

I guess its my turn to spin out historical analogies. Does anyone remember GEOS? That's right, a GUI OS for the Commodore 64. In those early days, everyone rolled their own GUI (character mode windowing...yum). Some were good, some were...
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IA in the age of Ajax

On Monday, Richard F. Cecil of UX Matters published an interesting piece titled Documenting the Design of Rich Internet Applications: A Visual Language for State. In it, he discusses the challenges facing information architects in the Ajax era. Full of...
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GWT Testing With Groovy? (Heck yeah!)

Speaking of GroovyTestCase, I experimented a bit with using both it and JMockit as an alternative to GWTTestCase. This may sound strange at first-- after all, the point of GWTTestCase is to exercise your code in the way it will...
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A Spinner Widget

Update: I've added the controls to spin forward an backward, mouseover effects on the image and a simple onclick action. I've been working on a spinner widget. "What is a spinner widget?" I heard you cry. If you've seen those...
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Server-side Ajax Framework: IT Mill Toolkit 5, now with GWT

I've long been a proponent of server-side Ajax frameworks -- frameworks that store state on the server and use an Ajax engine in the browser to drive the display. The advantages: state and control logic stay on the server, so...
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GWT as developer tool

Test driven development has advantages all around-- one of them being that it saves you time. And what's a good use of this time? Why, coming up with novel ways of testing, of course. I had one of those experiences...
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The Desktop is Gooey

[Dietrich observes][post2] the following at the GWT conference: >> BTW, many of the developers at the conference seem to be Java geeks who resent their JavaScript brethren and don't want to get left behind when the Ajax bus rolls down...
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The GWT history manager and the Safari/Opera question

I took GWT's history manager for a spin last week courtesy of the Kitchen Sink Example Project. Overall I was impressed; it worked flawlessly in a range of up-to-date browsers and operating systems. Then I decided to give it a...
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GWT Conference: Voices That Matter Summary

So I've been blogging all this week from the Voices That Matter: Google Web Toolkit Conference. For those who requested a summary of my posts on various sessions, they are... GWT as a Replacement for Java Swing Apps GWT Pronounced...
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GWT Conference: Final Q&A

Just a sampling of some of the Q&A: Q: What is the direction of the ability to index (search) pages created by GWT? A: It's a hard problem, sort of like indexing a Flash App. Q: Do you foresee building...
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