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Interaction Design

Designing Mobile Apps Using Quick Scale Prototypes

Mobile apps need to be designed and tested to scale to avoid surprises when actual human hands start operating the app. Designs crafted or presented on large monitors can be deceiving, because it’s hard to think in terms of two scales at the same time. Better to work at scale, and if possible even view key screens and simple prototypes on the device itself. Following are some simple techniques for designing and testi
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Help Restaurants Create Better Websites!

[note: when you see a painful restaurant website, can you please send them a link to this post or copy and email this to them? It is in all of our best interests that we get better restaurant sites. Thanks!] Dear Restauranteur, We realize that as an entrepreneur you wear a lot of hats, but you probably aren’t a web professional. So, we would like to humbly give you some advice to improve the web experience for
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Wireframing with incomplete requirements

The value of wireframing even with incomplete information The task of wireframing in application development, as I’ve come to know it, should begin after user research has been performed, and a complete set of requirements gathered.  But what happens when, for whatever reason, you just don’t have access to user research, or a full set of requirements?  What if all you have are some rather unspecific, vagu
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Design Pattern 5: Can u rd this?

Over the past several years, the web has been innudated with blurry, hard to read text. Users are forced to squint, struggle and enter this text exactly in order to proceed with their goal. I'm refferring to a method called...
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Design can be Used for Good and Bad

Every so often I'm rudely reminded that much of the information I get comes from a source who's goal is to sell rather than inform. It is those times that I'm also reminded of the critical role that design plays...
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Dasher – A new way to write

I simply love finding these little gems on my weekly web excursions. This time it's a fascinating new piece of software out there called Dasher, and it allows you to write without typing or scripting. What's that you say? How...
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Reading 2.0

This weekend three events got me thinking about books. First of all seeing the excellent adaptation of Pullman's The Golden Compass. I had read the books quite a while back, I think around the time of the beginning of the...
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DUX2007 – Simplicity

Too often, the overarching requirement we hear from clients is that the product must be simple to use. As designers, we nod our heads and agree that yes indeed, simplicity is a worthy goal for this project, without ever defining...
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What is UxD?

A couple of weeks ago a sales presentation was being prepared in our New York office; it was primarily focussed on the problem at hand, but the presenter wanted to include a single slide as a cue to talk about...
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Color for Developers, part 3

Through a glass badly "This is not a pipe." R. Magritte You are reading this on screen. It is not what I expected. One of the biggest problems for any on-screen designer is the weird backlit medium we fish swim...
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