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Javascript Libraries

Pimp my jQuery: Five plugins to replace the features Prototype and Scriptaculous users expect

Ajax pros, especially in the Rails world, often know the Prototype and Scriptaculous JavaScript libraries inside and out. When faced with the prospect of writing on top of the competing jQuery framework, they may quickly stumble upon seemingly missing features. The culprit? jQuery’s less-is-more approach, in which advanced or specialized features come via plugins instead of the core library. The greater relianc
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My IBM developerWorks series, part 2: Tooltips, lightboxes and more jQuery goodness

IBM developerWorks recently published my second "Ajax overhaul" tutorial. This series teaches intermediate-level developers how to layer Ajax features atop old-fashioned CRUD applications. My colleague Dietrich Kappe calls this the "Christmas tree" approach to Ajax development, and it's a valid...
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Recent Ajax Framework Releases/Developments

Some noteworthy Ajax Framework releases have come out in the last few weeks, along with some other news of interest: Ext JS 2.1 and Ext GWT 1.0 Beta - Better performance, new Slider, StatusBar components. REST support (support for other...
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jQuery fade-in spoiler revealer: The failsafe, progressively enhanced version

***Spoiler Alert*** Don't read too much further if you haven't seen "Citizen Kane" and want to be surprised when you do. I'm a big SF nerd and lover of teen-angst dramas. (That's why "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is the Best...
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Alternate approaches to IE6 and transparent PNGs

Who knew IE6 and transparent PNGs could inspire so much discussion? When you're churning out tips and tricks on a regular basis, you quickly learn to state things like this: "I had Problem X, and my solution was Y given...
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Pathfinder website relaunch: Simple tools for simple problems

At long last, Pathfinder's new website launched on Friday. To see the results of all my fiddling with Radiant CMS, point your browser at www.pathf.com. There's actually no Ajax and very little DOM scripting involved in our first iteration. Just...
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More jQuery plug-ins: jCarousel and the dreaded window.alert()

Photo: Joe Shlabotnik In addition to the jQuery UI Tabs plug-in I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've been playing with jCarousel, a fairly mature component for building DHTML and Ajax slideshows out of images or arbitrary markup. Overall, I was...
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Eating crow on jQuery

When I was first getting acquainted with jQuery, I blogged about it quite a bit (here, here and here). There was a lot I liked, but I got easily frustrated. Having previous experience with Scriptaculous, I found the built-in effects...
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All guns blazing on Ext JS 2.0

The day has finally arrived: Ext JS 2.0 received its final public release today. Judging by the timeouts I've been getting all morning when trying to connect to the Ext site and blog, I'm not the only one who's been...
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Really Simple History and the compulsion to tinker

I committed several weeks ago to roll Really Simple History 0.6 RC1 over into a final release on Dec. 1. That's still the plan, but I'm having trouble resisting the urge to tinker. I'm starting to see how a project...
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