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Javascript Libraries

DOMContentLoaded and the quick rise of de facto standards

There's never been a better time to be a JavaScript developer. JS hit the big time with the advent of Ajax, and overnight client-side programmers went from being the redheaded step-children of the web-development world to front-and-center participants in the...
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Developer's Notebook: Mastering (your fear of) regular expressions

Regular expressions are one of the most difficult programming concepts for novices and journeymen to wrap their heads around. Take a look at most any blog posting about RegExes and the comments will invariably be littered with words like "hate,"...
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JavaScript style and the art of anal retention

Years ago, in a former life, I was not just a journalist, but the worst kind of journalist: a copy-editor. I was paid to rewrite other people's copy, often while they were sitting next to me, so that it conformed...
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YUI Bubbling Library: a seriously cool design pattern

Caridy Patino recently posted to the YUI Blog about his event-bubbling library, which uses the subscriber/publisher design pattern to abstract an entire webapp's event binding into its own unobtrusive behavioral layer. Instead of attaching events to individual DOM nodes using...
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Really Simple History: Onwards and upwards

I'm excited to announce that I've heard the call and volunteered to tackle maintenance and stewardship of Really Simple History, Brad Neuberg's intuitive, lightweight Ajax history library. Brad developed RSH a couple of years ago, drawing inspiration from the Dojo...
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Cognitive Load, Portability and the Superiority of Client-Side Frameworks

The recent introduction of TrimPath Junction got me to thinking about Dietrich's widely read post on Cognitive Load and the Superiority of Server-Side Ajax GUI Frameworks. GWT's big advantage is that it mobilizes armies of Java programmers to write browser-based...
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Developer's Notebook: Useful OO JavaScript resources

My post about learning to organize classes without the semantic sugar of Prototype earned me some wide-ranging comments here and on Ajaxian. My favorite was Isaac Z. Schlueter Matthew Smith's proposal of a new framework: JLJ (Just Learn JavaScript). To...
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jQuery vs. Prototype: OO JavaScript with or without training wheels

After brushing up on jQuery via a little light reading, I've started to play with the framework in code. I'm demoing a scrolling news ticker and decided to write it using jQuery and its Interface plug-in. Future iterations will probably...
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ZK Integrates with Seam, Seasar, more

As an open source project, ZK is extremely active. It's enough to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling if you are concerned about it's long term viability. So, what's cooking in the ZK kitchen? Lots of integration with application...
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Ext JS 1.1 Released

And it seems that just in time for my belated bandwagon scramble, Ext JS has come out with a new release, 1.1. Now you don't have to use a third party base Ajax library, though you can if you want...
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