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What I’m missing in HTML5 today

HTML5 i.e. HTML is a markup language. As such, without JavaScript, developers would be reduced to hand-rolling HTML or creating it dynamically server side – page view by page view. Being constrained by page views is something I fundamentally refuse to accept since I am not in the printing industry. I’m in the computer interface industry. I demand programable interfaces. What comes to your mind when you th
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PureMVC gaining traction in JavaScript world

I love PureMVC because of the simple idea behind it. Have Model-Viewer-Controller pattern that can span languages and therefore time, as explained in this article by Clifford Hall. I started using it in the Flex world when it was competing with Cairngorm for that very reason. Cairngorm was Flex specific and PureMVC was language agnostic. Coming form a mostly strict-typed MVC environment, it was very hard for me to ev
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The Difference Between a Compiler and a Compressor

With the release of Google’s Closure Tools comes the perennial misunderstanding of what a compiler is. When we have a compiler that takes in C or C++ code (pick your poison) and produces machine code for a particular chip, it’s clear that the output is not the same as the input. But when you have a JavaScript to JavaScript compiler that’ supposed to make the resulting code more “efficient,R
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Better JavaScript Development with Google Closure Tools

Google has release Closure Tools, the set of tools they used to write applications such as Gmail. What is it? It consists of three parts: A compiler which is a “JavaScript optimizer that compiles web apps down into compact, high-performance JavaScript code. The compiler removes dead code, then rewrites and minimizes what’s left so that it will run fast on browsers’ JavaScript engines. The compiler a
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Javascript debugging and testing in the wild (Prototype bug when using array.flatten in IE)

I had to dig into a production issue the other day that presented itself like this: There was a piece of javascript code that iterated over some dom elements, gathered ids into 2 arrays, ran a validation check, and then flattened the arrays to add them to the url. On firefox, opera, and chrome this was working correctly, and had been tested by the developers, but on IE 7 it isn’t working, and the problem wasn&#
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Chicago JavaScript Meetup Group draws a big audience with varied skill levels

The Chicago JavaScript Meetup Group spurred more than 50 of its members to brave harsh weather Thursday night for the group’s fourth free get-together since its founding last October. Organizer Vlad Didenko led the charge with an in-depth look at Firebug, while assistant organizer Justin Meyer contributed a discussion of Ajax fundamentals.
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jQuery 1.3: Good stuff, but the API browser's the real news

I’m as geeked about jQuery’s 1.3 release as the next developer. But I’m even more excited about the new API browser developed by Remy Sharp and available here. For as long as I’ve been a jQuery user – going on 18 months now – I’ve been frustrated by the slow speed and sometimes intermittent availability of the jQuery documentation site. Now we’ve got a blazing-fast API
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jQuery 1.3: Plugins continue to migrate to the core

jQuery celebrated its third birthday Wednesday with the release of the brand-new 1.3 version. This latest release includes a bunch of cool new stuff which has already been discussed to death elsewhere. To me, however, the most interesting aspect of jQuery 1.3 is the movement of former plugin functionality to the core library. Live events are a new twist on the venerable, and indispensable, Live Query plugin, while th
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Getting Rid of the "handler.call: handler undefined" Error

If you’re using prototype (or rails, which uses prototype by default), you’ve probably seen this javascript error before: handler is undefined While not particularly threatening (no ill side effects seem to occur), the error causes a lot of noise and, quite frankly, is pretty annoying. Fortunately, there is a quick and painless patch to keep your error log free from this bane.
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PureMVC, Spanning the Platform Spectrum?

At Pathfinder we do a fair amount of desktop style development — iPhone/Cocoa, WebForms, Swing — and web application development — Grails, Rails, JSP, ASP.NET, etc., etc.. In the last two years we, like a lot of other software development shops, have experienced a convergence in our efforts. The web is coming to the desktop in the form of Air and the Desktop is coming to the web in the form of RIA&#
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