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jQuery's Clone() and FireQuery

So there was this need for providing ajax-style add/remove item-rows on the last project I worked on.  What I thought might be pretty straight-forward to achieve using jQuery-fu eventually turned out to be little hairy for me.
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jQuery 1.3: Good stuff, but the API browser's the real news

I’m as geeked about jQuery’s 1.3 release as the next developer. But I’m even more excited about the new API browser developed by Remy Sharp and available here. For as long as I’ve been a jQuery user – going on 18 months now – I’ve been frustrated by the slow speed and sometimes intermittent availability of the jQuery documentation site. Now we’ve got a blazing-fast API
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jQuery 1.3: Plugins continue to migrate to the core

jQuery celebrated its third birthday Wednesday with the release of the brand-new 1.3 version. This latest release includes a bunch of cool new stuff which has already been discussed to death elsewhere. To me, however, the most interesting aspect of jQuery 1.3 is the movement of former plugin functionality to the core library. Live events are a new twist on the venerable, and indispensable, Live Query plugin, while th
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Pimp my jQuery: Five plugins to replace the features Prototype and Scriptaculous users expect

Ajax pros, especially in the Rails world, often know the Prototype and Scriptaculous JavaScript libraries inside and out. When faced with the prospect of writing on top of the competing jQuery framework, they may quickly stumble upon seemingly missing features. The culprit? jQuery’s less-is-more approach, in which advanced or specialized features come via plugins instead of the core library. The greater relianc
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GWTQuery – JQuery-like Syntax in GWT

Many times open source projects are mute — they have insufficient documentation. Good technical blogs can function as a sort of ad-hoc documentation. That’s what I’ve tried to do, most recently with my series of posts on GWT and OpenSocial. Vinay, over at Web Technology I/O, often does the same. He’s got a great post about Ray Cromwell’s GwtQuery (JQuery-like syntax in GWT) and how to ma
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Ask the readers: How do I fire native browser events in Prototype.js?

I’ve been pairing with my colleague Noel Rappin on a cool Rails project lately, which has helped me turn a bunch of conceptual knowledge into real-world experience. I’m writing Ruby code, doing things the Rails way, and hewing faithfully to test-driven development. I’m also returning to Prototype for my JavaScript needs after almost 15 months of daily jQuery use. The framework has matured nicely whi
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From JSP to Ruby on Rails: First thoughts on front-end coding conventions

Now that I’ve got a few Ruby on Rails projects under my belt, I finally feel qualified to comment on Rails front-end coding conventions. As a UI specialist coming to Rails from the JSP world, I find a lot of room for improvement in the RoR approach to view-layer code. I love working on the non-view aspects of RoR projects, but I find I’ve got to do tons of cleanup at the ERB layer. Expect to see some open
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jQuery goodness with ASP .NET

http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Application-Development/Microsoft-Adopts-OpenSource-jQuery-JavaScript-Library/ This piece of news has brought about great cheer in the Web Developers community. jQuery has been fast gaining reputation in the world of web-development as a light-weight, flexible and easy-to-use Javascript library. Integration of jQuery with Microsoft’s development platform should provide web developers wi
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Implementing linked multiselects with jQuery, LiveQuery, and Low Pro: Part 2: First pass at the actual code

In last week’s post, I introduced the linked multiselect widget I was asked to implement on a tight deadline for an unexpected project assignment. I showed some demo code in action and discussed the user experience issues that shaped my requirements. This week, I’ll walk through the actual code – or at least my first pass at it. Like a lot of developers who should know better, I sometimes shirk the
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Implementing linked multiselects with jQuery, LiveQuery, and Low Pro: Part 1: Requirements and interaction design

Last week I spent a couple of days lashing together a UI widget for a project that needed a little Ajax assistance. As always, I looked for an opportunity to learn something along the way, so I got signoff on using jQuery and some plugins I hadn’t previously employed. The result? A down-and-dirty mini-project that let me test drive Color Animations, jqModal and Low Pro for jQuery while employing tried-and-true
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