My IBM developerWorks series, part 2: Tooltips, lightboxes and more jQuery goodness

IBM developerWorks recently published my second "Ajax overhaul" tutorial. This series teaches intermediate-level developers how to layer Ajax features atop old-fashioned CRUD applications. My colleague Dietrich Kappe calls this the "Christmas tree" approach to Ajax development, and it's a valid...
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jQuery fade-in spoiler revealer: The failsafe, progressively enhanced version

***Spoiler Alert*** Don't read too much further if you haven't seen "Citizen Kane" and want to be surprised when you do. I'm a big SF nerd and lover of teen-angst dramas. (That's why "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is the Best...
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Alternate approaches to IE6 and transparent PNGs

Who knew IE6 and transparent PNGs could inspire so much discussion? When you're churning out tips and tricks on a regular basis, you quickly learn to state things like this: "I had Problem X, and my solution was Y given...
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Hacking transparent PNG support into IE6 with IE PNG Fix, CSS and jQuery (part 2 of 2)

For the recent redesign of the Pathfinder web site, we made extensive use of transparent PNGs to layer rounded corners and other curvy shapes on top of a non-contiguous background that mixes a black-and-gray gradient with a wallpaper-style repeating logo....
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Hacking the :first-child pseudo-class into IE6 with jQuery and CSS

IE6 continues to define the lowest common denominator for our JavaScript and CSS strategies. IE7 may finally have edged past its younger sibling in terms of market share, but as of late 2007, IE6 still commanded commanded close to a...
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Breaking Prototype habits in a jQuery world

When you get used to doing things one way, it's hard to retrain yourself. It took me months to "get" the Prototype way of doing things after a decade of writing all of my own Plain Old JavaScript, sans framework....
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jQuery Form and jQuery UI Tabs: Two great tastes that taste great together

I spent last week holed up writing part 4 of Ajax Overhaul, my series of articles for IBM developerWorks. Aimed squarely at Ajax beginners, the series shows how to progressively enhance Web 1.0 sites with jQuery and Ajax. Each installment...
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Pathfinder website relaunch: Simple tools for simple problems

At long last, Pathfinder's new website launched on Friday. To see the results of all my fiddling with Radiant CMS, point your browser at www.pathf.com. There's actually no Ajax and very little DOM scripting involved in our first iteration. Just...
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jCarousel Lite: DHTML image slideshows with 2kb of code

After posting last week about the strengths and limitations of jCarousel, the jQuery image-carousel plug-in, I did some digging and found jCarousel Lite, another option for your image-slideshow needs. Written and maintained by Ganeshji Marwaha, jCarousel Lite is optimized for...
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More jQuery plug-ins: jCarousel and the dreaded window.alert()

Photo: Joe Shlabotnik In addition to the jQuery UI Tabs plug-in I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've been playing with jCarousel, a fairly mature component for building DHTML and Ajax slideshows out of images or arbitrary markup. Overall, I was...
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