jQuery UI in action: Thumbs up on tabs, thumbs sideways on themes

The first two installments haven't even been published yet, but I spent most of last week hammering out the third entry in the series I'm writing for IBM developerWorks. The first two installments tackled things like modal dialogs, tooltips and...
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Eating crow on jQuery

When I was first getting acquainted with jQuery, I blogged about it quite a bit (here, here and here). There was a lot I liked, but I got easily frustrated. Having previous experience with Scriptaculous, I found the built-in effects...
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JRails: Scriptaculous on top of JQuery

Prototype and Scriptaculous had their origins in Ruby on Rails before spinning off. There they went head to head with the lighter, leaner JQuery. Now the circle is complete, with Scriptaculous functionality on top of JQuery making its way back...
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Bjax: Make it Play MP3's

It's nice to know you've inspired someone and it was very nice of Chris Anderson to drop us a note on his own Bookmarklet: Make it Play. Basically, this bookmarklet will scan a page for mp3 links and then insert...
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DOMContentLoaded and the quick rise of de facto standards

There's never been a better time to be a JavaScript developer. JS hit the big time with the advent of Ajax, and overnight client-side programmers went from being the redheaded step-children of the web-development world to front-and-center participants in the...
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jQuery 1.2: A host of upgrades, but still no global effects queue

JQuery 1.2 is upon us and, as usual, there's already tons of carping discussion in the comments section of Ajaxian. I took a wander through the 1.2 release notes and the source code, and while I'm impressed with many of...
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jQuery vs. Prototype: OO JavaScript with or without training wheels

After brushing up on jQuery via a little light reading, I've started to play with the framework in code. I'm demoing a scrolling news ticker and decided to write it using jQuery and its Interface plug-in. Future iterations will probably...
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