lean innovation

Lean Startup Circle, An Article in Reuters

By Lou Carlozo Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:38pm EDT (Reuters) – Bernhard Kappe, the chief executive officer of Chicago’s Pathfinder Software, steps up to a dry erase board and draws a crude graph, its slope curves upward. Then he plots a point in the middle to show where the city’s web entrepreneurs stand in terms of growth and progress. “These things take 20 years to get to maturity, and theyR
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Lean Ideas for Healthcare Startups

Bernhard Kappe, Pathfinder’s CEO, gave a talk at the new healthcare startup accelerator Healthbox, and tailored his Lean Startup presentation for medical innovators. Healthbox is a new Chicago based healthcare centric accelerator program that started it’s inaugural class of ten startups earlier in January. For three months, these teams will share space and ideas in Chicago, where they will push toward the
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My Techweek Talk: Turbocharging the Enterprise Innovation Engine

The innovation engine in most companies is broken, burning large quantities of fuel, generating lots of heat and smoke, but doing precious little to accelerate company growth beyond a few sputtering lurches. Most efforts to boost innovation focus on generating or capturing new ideas. Yet for most companies, this is not where the problem lies. Instead the problem lies in determining which of those ideas can be success
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