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Lean Startup Circle, An Article in Reuters

By Lou Carlozo Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:38pm EDT (Reuters) – Bernhard Kappe, the chief executive officer of Chicago’s Pathfinder Software, steps up to a dry erase board and draws a crude graph, its slope curves upward. Then he plots a point in the middle to show where the city’s web entrepreneurs stand in terms of growth and progress. “These things take 20 years to get to maturity, and theyR
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Lean Startup Classes to Accelerate Your Product Launch

Most startups fail because they lose a lot of time pursuing the wrong business models, building products no one wants, and making too many mistakes that could have been avoided. Todd Wyder and I created Lean Building Blocks as a series of hands-on, interactive workshops that give entrepreneurs the knowledge they need to get to market quickly with as few missteps as possible. The next workshops, on April 15th, cover c
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