Lean Startups

Lean Startup Circle, An Article in Reuters

By Lou Carlozo Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:38pm EDT (Reuters) – Bernhard Kappe, the chief executive officer of Chicago’s Pathfinder Software, steps up to a dry erase board and draws a crude graph, its slope curves upward. Then he plots a point in the middle to show where the city’s web entrepreneurs stand in terms of growth and progress. “These things take 20 years to get to maturity, and theyR
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Lean Ideas for Healthcare Startups

Bernhard Kappe, Pathfinder’s CEO, gave a talk at the new healthcare startup accelerator Healthbox, and tailored his Lean Startup presentation for medical innovators. Healthbox is a new Chicago based healthcare centric accelerator program that started it’s inaugural class of ten startups earlier in January. For three months, these teams will share space and ideas in Chicago, where they will push toward the
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Effective Capital Raising for Lean Startups

We invited Ira Weiss of Hyde Park Angels to speak at the Chicago Lean Startup Circle in march, and his talk on how early stage companies can more effectively raise capital was really spot on – great advice for startups and very much in line with the Lean Startup approach.
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Exploring Customer Validation

I want to do some exploration of customer validation, the second phase of Customer Development.  I think its an area that there isn’t as much information on as customer discovery.  And some of the stuff about customer validation is pretty hazy.  So, I thought I would do a few postings on it and see where it goes. Starting with the end in mind, let’s talk about the exit criteria for customer validation.  Steve Blank a
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Agile is Only Half of What You Need

One of the things we’ve found out over the years in working with startups is that they struggle with figuring out exactly what their customers really need, what features should be in their product, how to price it, how to sell it, and how to incorporate that learning into an agile development process. As a digital product development firm, we need them to be good at this, because that, just as much as our produ
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Why Google Can't Build Social Applications

Adam Rifkin has an insighful article on  Why Google Can’t Build Social Applications. My favorite part: 2010’s leadership of Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter struggled for YEARS learning from FriendFeed, Dodgeball, and Odeo, respectively. The main mythical man month mega mantra—”build one to throw away“—isn’t just a clever way to gracefully fail on the first iteration; it’s the way
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