VGBio’s Vitalink: Predictive Analytics for Remote Patient Monitoring

One of the reasons VGBio is one of Pathfinder’s favorite clients is because they show how four of the most powerful technology trends affecting healthcare (body area sensor networks, smartphones, cloud computing and big data/predictive analytics) can be used together to reduce costs and improve outcomes.  VGBio technology enables the daily monitoring of patients with chronic diseases and provides
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Digital Dentistry

I was at the dentist this morning. When they went to take x-rays of my teeth, it started as usual, with the lead bib to reduce radiation. The technician stuck the uncomfortable contraption in my mouth to hold the film in place, stepped away, zappo, and came back to move it to the next position. That’s when things stopped being usual. The first thing that struck me was that she looked over my shoulder back toward her
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Agile for Medical Software: Faster Launch in FDA Regulated Environments

View more presentations from Pathfinder Software The FDA regulates software for medical devices, and may in future regulate mobile medical software as well. Can you speed up time to market with Agile development in an FDA regulated medical environment? We shared our experience developing software using lean ux and agile software development best practices for medical devices and mobile medical software at a recent jo
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How the MIT Media Lab is Transforming the Healthcare User Experience

Image credit:  MIT New Media Medicine group at the MIT Media Lab The New Media Medicine group at the MIT Media Lab suggests a key to solving healthcare problems lies in establishing new kinds of collaboration between patients and practitioners. Traditionally, the relationship has been one of “inequality” where practitioners and medical experts monopolize access to information. This leaves the power of the people and
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Agile and the FDA: Faster, Better Development for Medical Devices

We presented our approach to implementing agile in an FDA regulated environment to a joint meeting of the Chicago Agile Project Management Group and Health 2.0 Group last week. This is based on our experience developing software for medical devices, and focuses on how to get the benefits of agile development while conforming to FDA regulations.
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Agile In FDA Regulated Medical Software – It can be done!

We have all heard that developing software utilizing Agile principles yields high quality, working software in customers’ hands quickly. It is widely believed that utilizing Agile practices leads to better, cheaper software than waterfall methods in most instances. However, those who write software that must be reviewed by the FDA know that, at first look, the FDA regulations run counter to this approach. They
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