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5 Product Marketing Tips from Pathfinder Software

So, you’ve developed a great product and now you want to take it to market. Let’s just say it’s a widget.  You’re so excited about it that you want to announce it over loud speakers, “Hey everyone, try my new widget, it will change your life!”.   This may be what you want to do, but it’s not the right move.  Where do you go from here? Five tips to market your product are: Know your product Know your customers K
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Designing Mobile Apps Using Quick Scale Prototypes

Mobile apps need to be designed and tested to scale to avoid surprises when actual human hands start operating the app. Designs crafted or presented on large monitors can be deceiving, because it’s hard to think in terms of two scales at the same time. Better to work at scale, and if possible even view key screens and simple prototypes on the device itself. Following are some simple techniques for designing and testi
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