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Wireless Sensors and Mobile Apps in Healthcare

When you combine cheap sensors with the computing power and interface capabilities of modern iPhones and Android smartphones, you can get powerful mobile diagnostics.  When you add in smartphones’ data transmission capabilities to feed data analytics in the cloud, you have the potential to dramatically improve the state of medicine. Last week I wrote about a project we worked on this area, VG Bio’s Vitali
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VGBio Vitalink: Wearable Sensors, Mobile Apps and Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

One of the trends from the 2012 MHealth Summit I briefly touched on last week was the growing number of bluetooth and wifi enabled wearable medical devices.  I think this trend will become extremely important over the next few years. Body Area Sensor Networks combine pervasive wireless networks, small non-invasive sensors and ultra-low power consumption chips to enable the continuous collection of physiology data fro
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Pathfinder in the News and Around Chicago in February

February has been a busy month for Pathfinder around Chicago! There was a feature in Technori on Pathfinder Founder and CEO Bernhard Kappe last week. There was an interview with Pathfinder VP of Product Development at midVentures. On Tuesday, Bernhard and Todd Wyder, Pathfinder’s Chief Product Office, spoke at Morningstar on Turbocharging Your Mobile App Sales. And this evening, Michael Walkden will be talking
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Mobile Internet Trends from Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker recently moved from Morgan Stanley to Kleiner Perkins. Luckily she’s continuing to publish her presentations on Mobile Internet Trends (along with Matt Murphy). As usual, the presentation is chock full of great analysis backed by great data. A couple of highlights for me: The inflection point where smartphone + tablet sales became greater than laptop + desktop sales moved up – it was actually
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Designing Mobile Apps Using Quick Scale Prototypes

Mobile apps need to be designed and tested to scale to avoid surprises when actual human hands start operating the app. Designs crafted or presented on large monitors can be deceiving, because it’s hard to think in terms of two scales at the same time. Better to work at scale, and if possible even view key screens and simple prototypes on the device itself. Following are some simple techniques for designing and testi
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Seven Questions to Ask When Designing the Feel of Your Mobile App

Feel Can Make or Break a Product Imagine you are shopping for a new car. You found a model that looks great and has all the features you want. It’s even in your price range. So you go to the dealer and take a test drive. After about five minutes of driving, you find you are mildly dissatisfied with the car. Perhaps it’s the way it takes the bumps. Perhaps it’s difficult to check your blind spot. Perhaps the pedals an
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Quick and Realistic Lauching of Mobile Apps

photo credit: Robert Bejil Photography Those who are out there designing and building mobile apps know there are certain tenants that are uniquely mobile. Successful mobile apps need to be user task centered, make allowances for users who are distracted and they need to be engaging. This requires considerable skill and effort from a designer. In addition, you will need a team of developers who can make the design rea
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Asymco on Apple, Android and Mobile Disruption

I’ve been reading a lot of Asymco since John Gruber linked from Daring Fireball a few weeks ago. Great analysis illustrated with lots of graphs. Take a look at this one, from Android’s Pursuit of the Biggest Loser: I thought these were great points: Speed. This shift of profit occurred over an unprecedentedly short period of time. Three years is no more than two product cycles in the industry and it’s an
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Pathfinder sponsoring Day of Mobile in Chicago

Day of Mobile is happening this Saturday, and Pathfinder is proud to be sponsoring the event. This should be a very cool event , and we’re excited about interacting with other mobile developers in the Chicago area. We look forward to seeing you there! Day of Mobile is an all day event for mobile developers and enthusiasts that will take place at IIT on March 6, 2010. The overall goal of the event is to better p
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Where the iPad will take over: 15 examples

There’s still a lot of internet chatter about why you’d want a tablet anyway. I think there’s a big space between the laptop and the iphone, and that in particular, the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch will take over from a lot of purpose built devices that deliver specific high value functionality. Here are a few examples: 1. The daily commute. It’s a simple matter of ergonomics here. I will use t
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