VGBio’s Vitalink: Predictive Analytics for Remote Patient Monitoring

One of the reasons VGBio is one of Pathfinder’s favorite clients is because they show how four of the most powerful technology trends affecting healthcare (body area sensor networks, smartphones, cloud computing and big data/predictive analytics) can be used together to reduce costs and improve outcomes.  VGBio technology enables the daily monitoring of patients with chronic diseases and provides
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Wireless Sensors and Mobile Apps in Healthcare

When you combine cheap sensors with the computing power and interface capabilities of modern iPhones and Android smartphones, you can get powerful mobile diagnostics.  When you add in smartphones’ data transmission capabilities to feed data analytics in the cloud, you have the potential to dramatically improve the state of medicine. Last week I wrote about a project we worked on this area, VG Bio’s Vitali
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What to Look for in a Hosting Environment: Part 1 – Monitoring

Having built and managed data center environments, provided hosting and managed 3rd party hosted solutions, I have seen a very broad spectrum of hosting options, and the benefits and pitfalls of each. Sometimes there are deals that appear to be too good to be true, and many times they are.  Once you drill down into the details you can usually find where the corners have been cut to market to a certain budget. These c
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