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Open Source

How the MIT Media Lab is Transforming the Healthcare User Experience

Image credit:  MIT New Media Medicine group at the MIT Media Lab The New Media Medicine group at the MIT Media Lab suggests a key to solving healthcare problems lies in establishing new kinds of collaboration between patients and practitioners. Traditionally, the relationship has been one of “inequality” where practitioners and medical experts monopolize access to information. This leaves the power of the people and
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Android: What I like about you

Anybody who has been to our office knows I am an Android fan. My prediction is that the Android platform will end up with a much, much larger install base than iPhone OS. Originally, I felt this way because you can get a Android phone on every carrier for a lower cost than the iPhone – many of them are now free with a contract. This is good enough, but I have a new insight. The Android OS does a great job of di
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Pathfinder's Mike Laurence wins Hack-a-thon for iPhone app

This year’s Day of Mobile had a number of interesting tracks, including the ever popular hack-a-thon. In the hack-a-thon, developers worked alone or in teams to build applications that targeted any one of the mobile platforms (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm, Windows Phone) and presented their applications to the attendees to win prizes. Our own Mike Laurence, who won the in in the open source category for de
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What is the ideal Senior Developer skillset?

We’re currently in the process of interviewing candidates for 1-2 Senior, and 2-3 junior level Rails Developers, and I’m wondering about the skills that are most critical, and how best to identify the best candidates. My normal interview process flows like this: Quick Phone screen evaluating basic development skills, background, availability, personality Basic coding problem (less than 1hr to complete) Ph
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Ext JS: License Troubles with Their Use of YUI?

In this little post, Eric Miraglia of the YUI team points out that Ext JS’ recent change from LGPL to GPL and their inclusion of some YUI code without including the text of the YUI license (BSD) may violate the terms of that license. I don’t think this is a serious infraction, but it does point out how important good will and amicable relationships are between open source projects that violate one another
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Adobe "Open Screen" is not "Open Source"

So Adobe is opening up their Flash platform via the Open Screen Project. Opening up in this case doesn't mean "Open Source," more like Open Spec. The spec for SWF has been published since 1998, but it came with onerous...
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Agile Business, Microsoft and the Threat of Cloud Computing

Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs. -- Henry Ford I've been working with Java and Microsoft technologies -- .NET most recently -- in one form or another for quite some time. My company,...
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Ext JS 2.1 Now GPL (was LGPL)

One thing I overlooked with the release of Ext JS 2.1 is that it is now GPL rather than LGPL. That means that if you build Ext JS 2.1 into your app, it would have to be GPL's if you...
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Google Summer of Code 2008

Got an Open Source or Free software project? Want some young, eager college developers to give you a boost? Then you should check out the Google Summer of Code. The details: Over the coming months we'll be working with open...
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Interview: Songbird developer evangelist Stephen Lau

After my enthusiastic support for the open-source Songbird media browser, I recently got the chance to sit down (virtually) with Stephen Lau, Songbird's developer evangelist. Stephen was full of thorough, informative answers about Songbird's technical underpinnings, business model, development methodology...
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