product development

The Research-Product Gap

What I will talk about at DRC is the ‘research-product’ gap. I just gave a talk at the Stanford D School about some of these issues. I discussed the research-product gap. This didn’t concern them. I said that if they were not interested in how their work got into a product, they were wasting their time. “And they said, ‘We’re just doing the research, we’re not responsible for the product.’ And
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Between Problem and Solution, There Falls the Product

photo credit: Daquella manera I’m always on the search for examples that illustrate the difference between problem and solution in product design. Recently, I’ve found a really sweet one. In our various processes — whether it’s customer development, product design, or usability analysis — we end up asking people about their problems. What works for them; what doesn’t  work for them
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Amazon's Half Baked Customer Development Approach

This post from Ian McAllister prompted a lot of talk at my company. We’re a big proponent of Customer Development * as an approach to new product development, and this seems to be at least a step in that direction. For new initiatives a product manager typically starts by writing an internal press release announcing the finished product. The target audience for the press release are the new/updated product̵
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Which is Harder? Simplicity or Power?

photo credit: the_moog We develop digital products. Lots of them. So when I talk about things that are hard or easy to do, it’s based on hard won experience. Two products that we’re about to help clients launch provide a perfect contrast on the two kinds of “hard” you find in software product development. First we have a data visualization app that cranks through 72 million point datasets and
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The Road to Product Development – Breaking Out of Your User Base

photo credit: | El Caganer There’s a lot of best practices we’ve learned over the years developing products for our clients. One of the important lessons is that developing a brand new product for a startup is very different from developing a second or third generation product for a more established company. I’d like to focus on some of the pitfalls that can happen with an existing product’s u
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