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Rich Interactions

A First Impression of Flash Catalyst

Spent some time playing around with Flash Catalyst, which was released by Adobe as a public Beta yesterday. I downloaded it today and got started on some of the tutorials Adobe labs has put up. My impressions: It’s pretty neat stuff. I could see myself prototyping with it, although Keynote and Acrobat are my tools of choice at the moment. From my limited time working with it, Catalyst’s main function is t
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Upcoming Talk at RIApalooza: Fast. Smart. Agile. User Experience Driven Agile Development

Look Ma, no Powerpoint! My colleague Matt Nolker will be giving a talk entitled Fast. Smart. Agile. User Experience Driven Agile Development at the upcoming RIApalooza to be held at the Illinois Technology Association (ITA), 200 S. Wacker Dirve, 15th...
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Ajax on Way Out? Slide Down Hype Curve Exaggerated

Aidan Henry over at MappingTheWeb asks whether Ajax is on the way out. Aside from observing that the "frenzy ways of web 2.0 are over," he opines that: My quarrel lies in the fact that many web designers and developers...
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Design Pattern 1 – faded breadcrumbs

Design Pattern 1 - faded breadcrumbs Originally uploaded by uuh...clem Preface: in my travels around the interwebs I often encounter a neat interaction design that I use my handy Skitch tool to capture. As of now, they sit there until...
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Visualizations & Election Year Coverage

The New York Times has an interesting campaign event flash-based interactive map (link from the image on the right) which works out to be easy on the eyes. The animations are not that useful, but what I find most curious...
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Dasher – A new way to write

I simply love finding these little gems on my weekly web excursions. This time it's a fascinating new piece of software out there called Dasher, and it allows you to write without typing or scripting. What's that you say? How...
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Mash note: Remember the Milk

You've got to love a Web 2.0 startup manned by a dev team of 2 that manages to add every feature on your wish list just before said feature's omission really starts to bug you. That's the case with me...
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Application Watch – Gliffy, Visio on the Web

Yes, it's Flash and not AJAX, but this Visio-like Flash application demonstrates two things: As AJAX is driving acceptance of desktop-like functionality in the browser, Flash is also benefiting from that same changing mindset. The same decisionmakers who used to...
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Extending the desktop metaphor

A way cool product in the maiking... This interface looks and acts much more like a real desktop. But is it just eye candy, or is it a real advance in digital usability... Footage of the product on Google Video...
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Rethinking the Help System in an Ajax World

In desktop applications and the new genre of Ajax applications it's possible to provide contextual information to the user. This is typically done one of two ways. Either real estate is devoted up front to the display of this information,...
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