Rich Interactions

Usability Roundup – The Back Button

An oldie but a goodie -- the back button. The bain of designers, developers and usability experts everywhere. Some love it, some hate it. Here is a roundup of some of the best resources on this topic. Web Navigation -...
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Ajax and the "Back" button II

Designer's (of which I am one), are beginning to wrestle with the consequences of implementing Ajax, Flash and other rich interface technologies on the web. Among those consequences, is what to do with the "Back" button. It alone is responsible...
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Thoughtful gesture? Peter Coffee’s column misses the point.

As I leafed through my ever growing stack of tech magazines yesterday, a column in eWeek by Peter Coffee, entitled Thoughtful gestures – don’t make complexity elegant; make it disappear caught my eye. Mr. Coffee was writing about a patent...
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A number of years ago I was part of a team that developed a workflow application for a company to replace a paper based process. The new workflow app was quite a success in testing and training, so we felt...
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Ajax and the "Back" button

Among the issues that the increasing ubiquity of Ajax on the web brings up is, where does that leave the "Back" button. Or, is the page metaphor still relevant, and if not, how soon before everyone knows it? Essentially all...
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Visualizing Rich Interactions in Paper Prototypes

Wireframes and paper prototypes work well in documenting the standard page metaphor of the Web, as the functionality of each screen can be captured in a single wireframe. Rich interactions, though, pose the challenge of expressing a series of states...
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User Experience for Ajax

The Web Development Sig in Emeryville, CA usually has great presentations. This one was from February 27th of this year, from Bill Scott, Yahoo!'s Ajax Evangelist: Designing for Ajax Crafting a great user experience with Ajax. Bill does a good...
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