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Test Driven Development

Agile in FDA Regulated Medical Software – Sweat the Details

Very few people in the software development community have issues with maintaining good attention to the details. However, I bet those who live in the regulated software community view the “normal” software world as quite sloppy. Attention to detail is a matter of life and death for a medical device. Because of this, the entire software community does a good job maintaining checks and balances. I have thr
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Agile in FDA Regulated Medical Software – Functional Testing vs Technical Testing

Testing is a crucial part of all software development. If you don’t believe this you are likely just starting your career or haven’t had to support an application in production with users.  It becomes doubly important in regulated environments like the ones for medical devices. This is because testing for regulated software serves multiple purposes. There is the usual software product development reasons
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Just one……

How many time have we heard some form of the phrase “it just a one line change”? Or “it shouldn’t effect anything else”? I think we know the all to frequent result…..”I can’t believe THAT broke……!!”. Good developers write automated tests to help surface side-effects like this before they get into production and cause real damage. Good developer refactor code mercilessly to make modifications less er
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edge case city: requirements and testing dates for HR business logic

edge case city: requirements and testing dates for HR business logic We have an internal application that does staffing, time entry, and now Paid Time Off (PTO) accrual, scheduling and management. It is quite nice, as it has replaced three existing systems, and replaced a number of manual, tedious tasks. I started it last year, as our current system was very inefficient. It was a simple Ruby on Rails app that I was a
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Ask A Rails Tester Person

Ask Mr. Lizard, from Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs It’s time to play “Ask A Tester Person”, where I answer questions that I’ve gotten via email or otherwise about Rails Testing topics. If you have a question for Ask A Tester Person, send it to railsprescriptions at gmail.com. Before I continue, I want to mention that Pathfinder’s own John McCaffrey and myself will both be presenting at Wi
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Rails Test Prescriptions to be Published by Pragmatic

Rails Test Prescriptions, the eBook put out by Noel Rappin, Director of Rails Development at Pathfinder, has been picked up by Pragmatic. Congratulations to Noel – he’s done a great job of furthering testing best practices in rails, and this is a great reward. As he said “I’m very excited by this. I’ve wanted to work with Pragmatic for as long as they’ve been publishing books, and I’m thrilled that
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Functional Testing Annoyances, Wapcaplet, And You

Here’s a minor thing that bugs me all the time. I’m writing a functional test: should "do something functional" get :search, :order_id => @order.id, :user_id => @user.id # and so on end The get call in that test simulates a browser request. Intuitively, you would (well, I would) expect this request to be identical to a request coming from the actual view, via a helper like link_to("search", :action => :se
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Help, My Test Is Failing!

Frustration, the game, photo by unlovalblesteve Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot — tests are passing, looks like it’s time for lunch — dot, dot, dot, dot, F. F? F? But the code works. I know it does. I think it does. Why is my test failing? One of the most frustrating times as a TDD developer is that moment when a test is failing and you don’t know why, as opposed to the more normal case where the test
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Real Testing Example, Part Two

Spam Wall, by freezelight What with upward of two people saying nice things about last week’s post, I’ve decided to keep going with part two of a look at some real testing code. Most code-heavy tutorials show the code but not the tests — I’m doing the opposite here, and showing the tests, but not much of the code. Also, although I’m presenting these tests in chunks, you should realize that there was a lot of back-and
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A Real Testing Example

Spam Wall, by freezelight As sort-of promised in last week’s post, I’m going to work through a real-world test example, with an eye toward explaining how and why I tested the way I did. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do this at blog-post length. If not, well, there’s always next week. This site, which was a legacy rescue, allows users to send messages to each other within the site without having t
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