Your Logo Is Making Me Sick

Consider this the opening volley in our campaign for Lean Branding, the argument that branding has to follow the same course as customer and product development. More on this later. First a good argument on why you shouldn’t just plaster your brand over any and every aspect of your app or webapp. Jonathan Anderson has a great post over at UX Magazine entitled Your Logo Is Making Me Sick. In it he argues that us
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Lean + UX + Agile

Lean + UX + Agile. Lean Startup, User Experience Design and Agile Development are all approaches to improve your odds of creating successful products. Are they mutually exclusive, or can you assemble them together to make a lean, mean product machine? In November Pathfinder’s Bernhard Kappe, Amy Willis and Reid MacTavish gave a sold out talk at the Chicago Product Management Association to share their lessons l
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Digital Dentistry

I was at the dentist this morning. When they went to take x-rays of my teeth, it started as usual, with the lead bib to reduce radiation. The technician stuck the uncomfortable contraption in my mouth to hold the film in place, stepped away, zappo, and came back to move it to the next position. That’s when things stopped being usual. The first thing that struck me was that she looked over my shoulder back toward her
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