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Delighting the user with the tiniest of details

Building software people love involves learning to read minds - or at least learning to think like your users. In the world of free, web-based software, there will always be 10 versions of every application: 10 different to-do lists, 10...
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Gmail, agile development and user experience design

Ionut Alex Chitu of Google Operating System posted yesterday about Gmail's evolution from internal beta to public beta to today's constantly-evolving-but-still-beta version. Gmail's Humble Beginning never uses the phrases "agile software development" or "user experience design." (Nor, for that matter,...
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Agile User Experience: If you have a silo, knock it down

In many development processes, team members are organized by functional group. A project might have a team of developers building the code, and then down the hall or across the globe, a separate team of designers working on the visual...
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Usability review: Amtrak.com checkout process

Many large ecommerce sites work beautifully as long as users do what they're supposed to. The minute users make mistakes, however, the UxD falls apart completely. Case in point: Amtrak's online checkout process, in which poor choices about error handling...
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Dasher – A new way to write

I simply love finding these little gems on my weekly web excursions. This time it's a fascinating new piece of software out there called Dasher, and it allows you to write without typing or scripting. What's that you say? How...
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Blue Christmas

I took time out this Christmas season to reformat my hard drive. Yes, it seems pitiful when you work with these machines all day, and have a chance to spend quality time with loved ones how machine maintenance would top...
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Browser Wars : Part IV a new hope?

I've been looking around for some data on the life/death cycle of browsers to append to my earlier post. In my early days, there was much drama about the rise and fall of browsers, and the great capabilities these new...
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Do sweat the small stuff

In designing user interfaces, it's often the tiny details that can drive your users batty or earn their loyalty. Case in point: Apple's latest iTunes update. iTunes 7.4.2 received plenty of attention for wiping out the black market in iPhone...
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An Event Apart Chicago: Day 1

The folks from A List Apart rolled into town yesterday for An Event Apart Chicago 2007, a two-day web-development conference. Around 500 programmers, designers and information architects flocked to the seventh floor of the downtown Mariott for a varied slate...
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Application Watch – Noovo Home Page Editor

Noovo has a preview of their new Ajax home page editor available. From their blog: Noovo is an Ajax-based web application for homepage editing and we will also provide hosted homepage service as well. During the demo phase, only main...
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